Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It? Everything to Know

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Written by Daniel Pena, Bachelors in Kinesiology and footballer: Learn More

Are private soccer lessons worth it? When it comes to soccer training there are many options for players from private soccer training, to team training, to individual training, to unstructured play.

The best way to get better as a soccer player is to train in ways that best resemble the unpredictable nature of the beautiful game. This means if you are an aspiring soccer player you must be in a team environment, to compete weekly and gain feedback from coaches, as well as find other ways to train through the week.

If you are already in a team environment and want additional training then private training can be beneficial, but if you are a beginner then it will be better to join a team and consider private training in the future.

In this blog I will discuss the pros and cons of private training, how to find a good trainer, prices, alternatives, and answer the most important questions; are private lessons worth your money. 

Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It

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Pros of Private Soccer Training

Private soccer training is usually a 1 on 1 session between a player and a coach that lasts anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Many private trainers also offer small group training which usually consists of 2-4 players.

Here are some pros and cons of private soccer training.

Individualized attention:

One of the main benefits of private soccer lessons is the individualized attention players receive. By training with one player, 1-on-1, coaches can personalize the training sessions to address specific weaknesses and strengths of that individual.

Private sessions also allow for more 1-on-1 time with a coach, especially more than the players get during their team training, which is usually a team of around 20+ players with two to three coaches in total.

Faster Development:

Private training sessions can allow players to see faster progress, since they will be getting valuable 1 on 1 time with a coach.

Flexible Scheduling:

Private soccer training can also be flexible and convenient for soccer parents, usually more than club team practices, making it a great way to get in some extra training.

Receive other forms of coaching

Some private coaches not only focus on improving soccer-specific skills but they can also provide coaching and knowledge about various other parts of the game, which can help speed up results.

Here at The Art of Football these are some of the other topics that we talk about to make sure our players have knowledge on how to improve every area of their life that impacts performance on and off the field.

Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It

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Cons of Private Soccer Training

Although there are a lot of benefits to private soccer training, as a private soccer coach myself, there are also some negatives that we have to discuss.


Private soccer lessons can be more expensive than other training options, such as team training or group sessions, because of the individualization and 1-on-1 time a player gets with a coach, which will not happen during a team environment with over 20 players per team/

Limited Game Simulation:

Private soccer lessons can help sharpen the individual skills of players and help prepare them for team training and games, but private training may lack the dynamic and unpredictable nature of real game situations.

This is why private lessons should not be a priority and should be looked at as just supplemental training. What should be a priority is getting into the best team in your area and playing a lot of pickup games and variations of the game, such as futsal, on days off from team training.

Team play and pickup games offer a more realistic simulation of match scenarios, but finding high quality pick up games may be tough in some areas depending on your age and skill level.

Social Interaction:

Soccer is a team sport, and private training may lack the social aspect of playing in a team, interacting with the staff, building camaraderie, and experiencing the ups and downs of being in a team are all crucial elements of youth soccer development.

Intensity and Competition:

Team training often provides a higher intensity level and competition among players, since there are more players to compete with.

Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It

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How to Find a Good Private Coach

When looking for a private soccer coach or trainer there are some important questions to ask to find the right fit. It is not only important to ask these questions because you will be investing time, money, and energy with this trainer, but you also want to make sure they know what they are doing and that everything is safe.

  • What is their history with the sport? (Playing and coaching)
  • What results and testimonials do they have to show?
  • What type of players do they specialize working with?
  • What does their program provide?

The Price of Private Soccer Training

The average price of a private training session will differ from trainer to trainer and from city to city. Typically, you can find private soccer training for around $50 to $80, with some classes coming in at $30 to even $200.

To determine if the cost is right of working with a trainer you have to ask yourself questions, like the ones used in the previous section. The thing with pricing is that money is different for everyone.

What makes sense to one person financially may not make sense to another. This is why you need a criteria to figure out if someone is the right person to work with as a private trainer.

A lot of parents are used to trainers charging per hour or per session. I am not a fan of that model because you can’t expect to see results with one, two, even three or four training sessions. Realistically, you need a minimum of three months of working with a trainer to see if their program works or not.

The reason I am a fan of the subscription model, which means players join my program for a minimum of three months, although right now I am doing one month subscriptions as well, is because that tells me they are committed and dedicated to getting better. If I know from the start that a player and a family are committed, that gives us a much bigger chance of getting results faster.

Also, if I know a family is committed I am able to share with them guides and videos that I have created about all the other forms of coaching I mentioned in the previous section.

I provide my clients with all the information and tools they need to reach the next level of health and athleticism, so they can improve not only on the field, but off the field in their regular lives as well and my training goes far beyond just private training. If you wish to learn more about some of my training and recovery philosophies check out this post on my best soccer tips

Are Private Soccer Lessons Worth It

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Alternatives to Private Soccer Training

  • Get in a team environment
    • Weekly team practice
    • Games on weekend
    • Feedback from coaches
    • Compete with a lot of players of similar skill level
  • Individual soccer training
  • Small group training
    • Train with or without a coach and 1-2 other people
  • Unstructured Play
    • Play pickup games
    • Futsal
    • Beach soccer
    • Or any other variation of the game where you are allowed to just play without too many rules and coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is private soccer training worth it?

Yes, private soccer training is worth it, if you or your child is already in a team environment, playing a lot of unstructured games throughout the week, and if it is not a problem financially.

Which players participate in private soccer training?

All types of players can benefit from private soccer training

  • Professional soccer players
  • College soccer players
  • Youth soccer players
  • Amateurs


In conclusion, the decision to invest in private soccer training depends on an individual’s needs and circumstances. Make sure you do some research about the trainer you want to work with and remember that money is different for everyone, so if a trainer’s program makes sense to you, you’ve spoken to them, and it looks like a good fit, then go ahead and do it.

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