Kick into the Future: The Best Smart Soccer Ball (2024)

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What are the best smart soccer balls for youth soccer players? In recent years, the beautiful game has changed a lot due to the role of new technologies such as VAR, soccer trackers, training apps, cameras, and of course smart soccer balls.

The rise of smart soccer balls has allowed youth players to train from the comfort of their home. Regular soccer balls are one of the most important pieces of equipment, along with cleats and shin guards, and smart soccer balls are only a supplementary tool that could be worth your money depending on your situation.

In this blog I will go over what smart soccer balls are, features to look for, give you recommendations for best options, and answer frequently asked questions.

best smart soccer ball

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What is a Smart Soccer Ball?

A smart ball is a device for youth soccer players that offers a good way for them to train at home, but it can be done outside too, which is preferred. These high-tech training balls have sensors embedded in them with Bluetooth capabilities, and/or other features.

The main goals of this training equipment is to help players gain confidence, improve their soccer skills, such as improving weak foot, and gain new skills from the comfort of their home.

The sensors track various performance metrics such as number of touches per set and provide real-time feedback and personalized coaching through companion apps that sync with the ball via Bluetooth.

Are Smart Soccer Balls Useful?

Before we get on to the list of best smart soccer balls let’s answer a very important question. Are smart soccer balls useful? Smart soccer balls can be a good option for younger players to get extra training, but it should not be a priority, and they are definitely not for advanced soccer players.

The best ways to get better at the game are to play as much as possible through team training, real games, pickup games, futsal, and all other variations of the game. If your young athlete is doing these things every week and they want to get extra training, then a smart soccer ball may be useful.

Since we are talking about electrical devices, and you will have to use them to use these types of balls, it is also important to discuss Electromagnetic radiation which is why I recommend reading this post on EMFs and their impact on performance.

The Best Smart Soccer Balls

best smart soccer ball

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Best Overall Smart Soccer Ball: Dribble Up Smart Soccer Ball

The most popular smart soccer ball on the market is the dribbleup smart soccer ball. This soccer ball comes with a companion app, the dribbleup app, which offers virtual training sessions at home. This soccer ball is designed to improve footwork technique and skills, specifically foot skills, to help players progress through their early soccer journey.

best smart soccer ball

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Best Budget Friendly Smart Soccer Ball: SMART Soccer Ball

For soccer players who are on a budget the SMART soccer ball is one of the cheaper options when it comes to smart soccer balls. Although this ball does not have as many features as the dribbleup smart soccer ball, the SMART ball has Kick Up Counting with lights and sounds that will help keep track of your progress and motivate you as you reach key milestones. .

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Best Smart Soccer Ball to become Ambidextrous: Senseball

The Senseball Smart ball is specifically designed to help young players become ambidextrous, which means you can use both feet equally. This ball has been used by professional soccer academies around the world, over 500 of them, including elite clubs such as Sevilla’s professional youth academy in Spain.

best smart soccer ball

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Best Hover Soccer Ball: Let Loose Moose Hover Soccer Ball

The Hover soccer ball is specifically designed for use indoors and its soft materials ensure it won’t be knocking things down around the house.

best smart soccer ball

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Best Adjustable Solo Trainer: SKLZ Star Kick Hands Free Solo Trainer

Next on this list is not exactly a smart soccer ball itself, but it is a piece of equipment that can make your soccer ball a bit smarter. The SKLZ Star kick hands free solo trainer attaches to your soccer ball and keeps it coming back to you everytime you kick it away. It is like having a partner that does not get tired and can help you practice shooting and ball control skills.

best smart soccer ball

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Best Light Up Soccer Ball: Nightball Soccer Ball

Last on this list is a soccer ball that again is not that technologically advanced, but it does have a unique design. The nightball soccer ball glows in the dark and will allow youth players to improve skills in the dark, adding a new element to their training.

FAQ in relation to best smart soccer balls

Are Smart Soccer Balls worth it?

Smart soccer balls may be worth your money, but only for a young soccer player that can be considered a beginner and has a lot to learn. More advanced players will not really benefit from a smart soccer ball.


In conclusion, smart soccer balls are not a mandatory piece of equipment, but if you have the money, if you are training correctly, and if you want extra training, then they can be a great investment. In this blog I went over what a smart soccer ball, how they can be useful for some players, as well as gave some recommendations for best smart soccer balls.

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