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Written by Daniel Pena, Bachelors in Kinesiology and footballer: Learn More

Football Entangled, is it legit? Social media is a huge part of modern football and players nowadays are consuming more information than ever before. So much information that players don’t even know what to believe and what to discard.

Among all those social media pages one stands out above the rest, Football entangled. Football Entangled brought awareness to many important topics about fascia, mitochondria function, and nature and many of the things they talk about go completely against what mainstream science and experts are talking about, which is why they get unnecessary hate.

In this blog I will be explaining why Football Entangled offers the best online soccer training program and soccer training app on the market.Football Entangled Review

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What is Football Entangled?

“This is a football revolution. This is the football red pill. This is your power in a broken football world. The antidote to injuries, pain, poor performance, and anything holding you back from your highest potential. This a platform to provide you the freedom to achieve your dreams without restraint.” – Football Entangled

Taylor Davidson, who played Division 1 soccer at Cal State Fullerton, created Football Entangled, a football community for dedicated players looking to reach the next level. Taylor has helped thousands of players unlock effortless athleticism and even more importantly helps players understand what real injury prevention is through various holistic training practices including

Why Football Entangled?

“My story is similar to likely anyone reading this message. I just wanted to be the best. I wanted to be a top footballer. Despite my best efforts, injury, pain, and supposed ill-fortune held me back. I overcame those setbacks and now I aim to help others avoid my mistakes.” – Taylor Davidson

Football Entangled has helped players in some of the biggest leagues in the world, including the Champion’s League and Premier League, yet people still think many of the things included in their training systems do not work. If player’s at that level see the benefit of Football Entangled’s training system then it can benefit anybody and it is worth trying out.

As someone who studied Kinesiology: Rehab Science and wanted to go into PT, my goal has now also shifted into helping players not get injured and have to go to a PT in the first place. I’ve heard, and seen, of patients doing PT for years, sometimes 5-10 years, and their pains and aches never go away.

Some people say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and Football Entangled refers to this as “Whack-a-mole” therapy. Football Entangled focuses on training the root cause of effortless athleticism, and your fascia system, the root cause of health, mitochondrial function, and the root cause of talent, playing the game of Football, and variations of it as much as possible, as well as playing other sports.

A lot of the concepts they talk about, such as becoming more fascia driven, are things you will have to feel for yourself because it is a very sensory type of training. Football Entangled helps you ask better questions and gives you solutions for many of those important questions that impact your overall health, performance, and recovery.

Football Entangled offer knowledge you won’t really find anywhere else unless you are actually searching for that information and by investing in any of their courses you are saving yourself valuable time as a footballer

Time is your most valuable asset and Football Entangled cuts out all of the guesswork offering you a detailed blueprint for elite football performance as well as many other well-developed courses to help you even more during your football journey.

Football Entangled Course Review

Football Entangled offers many different courses designed to help footballers at different stages of their journey. Their most popular course, The Way of the Natural, is the course that can help take your football to the next level if you take it seriously and this is the only program you will ever need as a footballer.

However, if you do not have enough money yet for that course, you can invest in one of their other courses, which also provides a ton of valuable knowledge. Here is a brief overview of their most popular courses.

They Way of the Natural:Football Entangled Review

The Way of the Natural is basically a college-level course with coaching through Football Entangled’s internal foundation training as well as access to the Football Entangled Tribe, a private community of dedicated like-minded footballers on the same path towards greatness. After completing my college degree,

I can honestly say that you will most likely learn much more about real health, injury prevention, and athletic performance by buying this course than going to University for 4 years.

Football Entangled Review

The Modern Footballer:

The Modern Footballer is the cheapest course offered by Football Entangled and costs less than a cup of coffee in a lot of places in the United States. This course is the perfect way to get started into the world of Football Entangled and it is perfect if you have poor recovery, health, stamina, and feel slow and tired a lot.

Self Made Talent:Football Entangled Review

Self made talent is one of their mid-tier courses designed to make you just that, a self made talent. This course is designed to help you specifically if you have no creativity, no flow state, and poor football skills, such as shooting, crossing, passing, dribbling, juggling, etc.

Laws of Football:Football Entangled Review

Laws of Football is a course that focuses on the tactical aspect of the game and the “dark arts” that make players elite. If you are a player that feel lost on the pitch, but you want to learn how to play your position better, as well as lead your team on the field, then this is the perfect course for you.

Finance Your Football:Football Entangled Review

Finance your football is a course designed to help you create passive income as an aspiring footballer. Money is a very important resource as a footballer looking to travel to trials, trainings, games, get better food, and equipment, and many other things. This course will help you start your journey towards earning money online.

Football Entangled’s Training Philosophy Explained:

Football Entangled’s training philosophy begin with his belief that there are players that are “the naturals,” and there are players that are the “grinders.” The naturals are those footballers that make everything look so effortless and they “have it”, while the grinder is a player that is constantly working hard but doesn’t even see results like the natural, who may not even train as hard.

The naturals are the players that are born with “natural talent,” but Football Entangled believes that you can develop this natural talent by working on the three pillars that build talent in the first place. These three pillars are the foundation of Football Entangled and they are the inner furnace, which relates to mitochondrial health, the internal foundation, which relates to athleticism, and the game itself.

By improving on the first two pillars of talent development, the inner furnace and the internal foundation, you will have an easier time getting better at the final pillar, the ball itself.

The Inner furnace

The Inner Furnace is the first pillar of talent that relates to how healthy and well-functioning your mitochondria are. This entire world runs on light, water, and magnetism and the mitochondria, which are the literal batteries of your cells, interact with the EMF’s all around you.

“The mitochondria produce their own extreme low-frequency ultraviolet light (ELF-UV) to communicate to other mitochondria. This is a fire inside of you that can be fostered or put out depending on your physical and mental environment.”- Football Entangled.

The inner furnace got its name from the fact that your mitochondria create all of your energy and they emit their own form of EMF. The stronger this mitochondrial charge is, the healthier your cells are and the better you are able to create and use energy.

All of this comes from a new branch of science called quantum mechanics/physics/biology which has become more popular in recent times as this science tries to explain how everything is connected. For this reason many people are still not aware of this science, but there is so much evidence to back this up. Check out the resources section of my blog to learn more about real-world professionals sharing this life-chaining science.

Here are some of our main tips to begin improving mitochondrial function, which involves working with nature and a majority of these are free which means you can start using them today.

  • See the sunrise and sunset daily
  • Learn proper nutrition and hydration
  • get barefoot and get grounded with Earth
  • Get plenty of sunlight
  • Get in cold natural bodies of water
  • Use blue light blockers at nights and red lights after sunset

The Internal Foundation

Football Entangled’s training system, the internal foundation is the second pillar of talent, which refers to the hidden physiological mechanisms that all elite athletes have that make them insanely athletic. This all begins in the feet of players because the feet have thousands of nerve endings and the fascia system starts at the feet with the plantar fascia.

The fascia system is very closely linked with the central nervous system and from personal experience, seeing stories of others that have tried the system, and training people myself, the more you get rid of fascia adhesions, and the more you get to actually feel your body the easier time you will have getting into a flow state.

The principles of the internal foundation training are based on

  • Training the fascia system
    • This means training the entire human body as one unit, instead of isolating muscle groups to contract individually.
    • This training system involves training the three catalysts for athletic performance, the feet, the hand, and the tongue.
    • The fascia system is also very close linked to the central nervous system, and the more control you get of your fascia the more calm you can remain during stressful situations
  • Alternative biomechanics
    • Alternative biomechanics is basically a branch of biomechanics that does not necessarily believe the mainstream paradigm is 100% correct.
    • Spiral biomechanics, the fact that the body naturally sways, or spirals, from side to side as we move, even when we walk in a straight line, is the foundation of most people who have their own alternative biomechanics believes

This is one of the best training systems that I have found and there are very few, to no other, training systems that are as effective as this one.

The Game

The final pillar of talent is the game itself, which relates to how well you understand and play the game. Once you have an elite ability to utilize your body’s energy, with the inner furnace, and incredible athleticism, with the internal foundation training, you will have an easier time getting better at the game “naturally.”

Elite footballers became who they were able to become by finding their talents early and letting their talents get molded by the game itself. World class players also already have elite mitochondria and fascia, since they are elite footballers for a reason, even if they are not aware of it.

To be a footballer you also have to understand every aspect of the game including:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become fascia driven?

Everyone starts at a different stage and how long it takes to become more fascia driven is going to depend on various factors such as where you currently stand on the spectrum of athleticism, what exercises you are doing, how you are doing them, how you are progressing, and most importantly, who is coaching you.


One of the best tips I can give to you as a fellow footballer in the modern world and graduate student of Kinesiology:Rehab Science is to try out the free content of football entangled regularly to start seeing the results for yourself. Also start asking better questions and do your own research by experimenting with these movements yourself and listening to valuable podcasts.

Once you realize working with nature and optimizing your fascia system will get you one step closer to elite performance invest in Football Entangled’s training program to get world-class coaching.

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