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Our Application Process is Broken Down into 4 simple Steps:

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The Art Of Football Was Created By Footballer And Kinesiology: Rehab Science Graduate, Daniel Pena.

I am a huge advocate of playing the game to get better at it and understand it more, which is why our training should never replace team training and should act more like a supplement to the training you are already doing. Our program is selective and certainly NOT for every family. We only want to work with families who truly buy into our culture at The Art of Football. 

Our Training Focuses On Improving Five Key Areas

Talent Development

Talent is the most important thing in football. Every player has an innate talent waiting to be unlocked that is unique to them based on various factors such as physical and mental traits and playing style. To develop talent, you have to play the game, understand the game, and  have the right mental and physical traits. 

Mindset Development

Talent is what helps get players noticed, but discipline and mindset are what help players stay at the top and get to the top in the first place.  Having a growth mindset is crucial for optimal development and becoming a better player. Our public blog has information on how you can start improving your mindset right now. 

Athletic Development

The type of athleticism required for football is different from that of any other sport. World-class footballers are fascia-driven athletes that have elite proprioception, body control, efficient biomechanics, and a deep parasympathetic state that allows them to express their athleticism at the highest levels. Our training will help you become more athletic and relaxed when playing. As a result you will have an easier time expressing your talents, getting into flow states, and you will get better at learning. 

Breathing Development

How you breathe has a huge impact on your athleticism and vice versa. Movement and the breath are directly linked because the diagphram, the main breathing muscle, connects your lower and upper halves together. Your breath is also directly linked to your central nervous system, toungue posture, and jaw development. 

natural lifestyle image

natural lifestyle Development

Most people think training consists of only the work you do on the field. The truth is that all of your lifestyle choices off the field are just as important as all of the technical, tactical, physical, and mental training you do. By living a natural lifestyle and using natural recovery techniques, you improve your mitochondrial function and your circadian rhythm, which are the most fundamental aspects of life that will directly help improve your overall performance. recovery, and health.

The Art of Expressing Yourself

If you have not already, then I suggest watching this video of Bruce Lee talking about expressing himself in martial arts. The concepts Bruce Lee talks about can apply to any sport, especially soccer. By developing various aspects of life such as your talent, mindset, athleticism, breathing mechanics, and lifestyle choices, you will be better able to express your true self and true talent when it actually matters, which for us footballers is during a match. One of our main goals at The Art of Football is to help you learn how to better express yourself on the field, not only to perform your best, but to have fun doing it as well. 

By Improving The Five Key Areas Above, We Will Help You:  

  • Perform Better on the field
  • Get more confidence with the ball
  • Help prevent and limit future injuries
  • Improve your ability to get into “flow states”
  • Improve your energy levels naturally
  • Improve intrinsic motivation

Why Choose The Art of Football?

Here at The Art of Football we offer a training program that aligns very strongly with nature. We are part of nature and working with the laws of nature, instead of against them, will directly improve various aspects of your life such as your athleticism, mindset, and mitochondrial redox potential and this will all indirectly improve your soccer talent. 

Various of our training tips are FREE, because working with nature is free, and you can find them by reading the attached blogs on this page. Start applying these tips today and you can begin experiencing results yourself.