Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

As an athlete and as an aspiring soccer player have you given EMF protection any thought? EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies and there are two types; Native EMF (NEMF) and NNEMF (Non-native EMF).

To gain an advantage over their competition, many soccer players optimize areas of their life including training, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, recovery, and sleep. These are very important aspects of life that athletes should be optimizing to improve overall performance on and off the field, however one aspect that is even more fundamental than all of these is your mitochondria function, which is highly influenced by your light environment and the electromagnetic frequencies that you expose yourself to on a daily basis.

Literally speaking we are beings of light that create energy with the help of our mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells that work in the same way the batteries inside your electronic devices do, through electron flow which creates electricity. In this blog I will explain the difference between the two types of EMF, talk about the benefits of using EMF protection, and give you tips on how to reduce your EMF exposure.

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What Is EMF Radiation?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies, or radiation, and there are two types; Native EMF and Non-native EMF. Native EMF refers to the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields that have been in our planet for millions of years while Non-native EMF is the radiation, or electrical impulses, that come from all man-made electronic devices.

Examples of native EMF include full spectrum sunlight and the Schumann Resonance, while examples of Non-Native EMF include the radiation from electronic devices and cell towers as well as the blue light from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Our eyes can only see about 99% of the electromagnetic spectrum which we call visible light and it includes all of the colors of the rainbow. Sunlight is called full spectrum light because it has all of the colors of the rainbow, plus colors we cannot see, and each color interacts with our body in different ways.

Nature puts all of these colors in sunlight for a reason and we have to make sure we have a balance of these colors by getting enough sunlight daily, not staying indoors and getting excess blue light, as well as by grounding. Diseases arise when there is an imbalance of these colors and nowadays most people are blue light toxic, due to all of the electronic screens around us.

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Benefits of EMF Protection

In physics, any time you have an electric field you also have a magnetic field. This means that the electricity from all man made electronics such as cell towers and smartphones is giving off EMF radiation. Even though we cannot see the EMF radiation, it is there and it is interacting with our mitochondria, which are able to interact with electromagnetic fields around us.

In physics there are also two main types of currents, a Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). In nature everything runs off a DC current, including humans and the Earth, which is why we have a net negative charge that allows electricity to flow through us in the form of electrons. All electronic devices are made from AC currents, which generates electricity differently and also interacts with our mitochondria differently.

These are the major benefits of limiting EMF exposure and using EMF protection products.

  • Helps improve the redox potential of your mitochondrial
  • Protects you from mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Improves sleep quality and mood
  • Reduces headaches and fatigue
  • Reduces free radical damage
  • Improves energy levels
  • Increases the number of white blood cells (improves your immune system)
  • Improves your overall health

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How do EMF Protection and Faraday Cage Products Work?

The best way to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation is by using products that act as Faraday cages, a popular form of EMF protection. These products are typically constructed from conductive EMF-blocking materials like copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Watch the video above to get a better understanding of how EMF protection works. In the image below you can see a red bag with some white design on it next to Erling Haaland which is an EMF protection Faraday bag for his phone and other products.

It might be your first time being exposed to this type of information, but all of this is super important for your physical and mental well being as well as for your mitochondria, which are responsible for creating energy inside your body. If one of the best players in the world, Erling Haaland, is getting amazing benefits from EMF protection and working with nature, then anyone can also get similar benefits if they do the same actions.

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Blue light blocking glasses

Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

Blue Light Blockers


  • High quality, low price
  • Blocks out all blue light
  • Improves sleep quality and reduces eye strain

Blue light blockers are one of the most important EMF protection tools and they are designed to be worn after sunset to protect you from artificial blue light. This simple tool will help keep your circadian rhythms aligned and improve many aspects of your life, including overall performance, recovery, and sleep. This is a simple piece of equipment that can easily fit inside of your bag and you can take them with you everywhere.

DefenderShield Air Tube Stereo Earbuds

Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

Wired EMF-Free headphones


  • World-leading air tube technology
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • 3.5 MM Jack devices

These wired earbuds feature acoustic tube technology, which minimizes radiation exposure to the brain while delivering crystal-clear sound. The acoustic tubes shield your head from radiation by being made of hollow, air-filled tubes. Wireless headphones emit a lot of EMF exposure which is why it is highly recommended to use wired EMF free headphones that can easily fit inside of your bag.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation Laptop Case

Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Laptop Case


  • Military grade shielding
  • Heat shielding
  • High Quality and durable

Up to 99% of EMF radiation is blocked by the SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation 12-14″ Laptop Case, which also serves as a heat shield to prevent the laptop from overheating. The case has a built-in mouse pad for added convenience and is made to fit laptops between 12 and 14 inches. The case is very user-friendly and it is made with a black exterior that is both functional and stylish.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case

Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

SafeSleeve EMF Protection phone case


  • Military grade shielding
  • Built in RFID blocking wallet
  • High Quality and durable

Similar to the SafeSleeve for your laptops, SaveSleeve also has an anti-radiation case for iphones. In addition to serving as an RFID blocking wallet, the case blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation, which is super useful for when you have to put your phone in your pockets. Avoid putting your turned on phone inside of your pockets unless you have an EMF protection case or the phone is in airplane mode.

Defense Necklace Copper Pendant

Protection from EMFs for Soccer Players

Defense Necklace Copper Pendant


  • Neutralizes EMFs around you
  • Provided 5 ft diameter of protection
  • High quality pendant that looks like jewelry

The last product posted on this list is an EMF blocking pendant. Pendants made out of certain materials, such as copper, can neutralize NNEMFs. This is the only tool on this list I have not tried, but plan to try soon because the science behind it makes sense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer training program?

The best online soccer training program and soccer app is Football Entangled. There is no other program like Football Entangled on the market and this community, much more than just an app, will help you get closer to making your dreams a reality. The program also has a full section on how to reduce your EMF exposure and improve mitochondrial function using various natural holistic techniques.

How do you reduce exposure to EMFs?

To reduce your exposure to Non-native electromagnetic fields you have to use EMF protection and be aware of where non-native EMF emerges from. Spend as much time as you can outside, surrounded by Native EMF, turn off electronics when not using them, and do not leave your phone in your pocket.

What is the effectiveness of EMF protection?

Personally I find the EMF protection to be very effective without a doubt. The best protection is for products that you use the most, such as phones, laptops, and headphones. There are also pieces of clothing that can help you protect yourself from electromagnetic fields.


In conclusion, your exposure to EMF radiation, more specifically non-native EMF, has a huge effect on your overall health, mental clarity, performance on the field, energy levels and mood.

In this blog, I covered everything you need to know about electromagnetic fields, from the different types of EMF radiation, to the benefits of using EMF protection, an explanation of how EMF protection works, as well as provided you with a list of the best EMF protection products that you can start using today to improve many aspects of your life.

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