Soccer Grounding Technique to Improve Performance and Recovery

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Written by Daniel Pena, Bachelors in Kinesiology and footballer: Learn More

What is grounding and what are its potential benefits for soccer players? Grounding, also known as earthing, is one of the easiest hacks to become a better player and boost many aspects of performance such as athleticism, sleep, and most importantly mitochondrial function.

This is a free recovery technique that can be used pre and post training and it can also help boost energy levels and blood circulation. Grounding is part of working with nature and in this blog I will be going over how grounding works, its benefits, as well as review some grounding products.

Soccer grounding

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Soccer groundingImage by Source

Understanding the Science of Grounding

Grounding is something that everyone has done at some point in their lives, although they may not have really thought about it and it is not pseudoscience because plenty of research has proved its real benefits.

Grounding is when you put your bare skin on the surface of the Earth, to absorb the free electrons, which is the free energy, of Earth. Electrons are the energy currency of the body and of the universe.

When negatively charged electrons are flowing you get a direct current (DC) of electricity and planet Earth, as well as our bodies, are electric and negatively charged by nature. When two electric bodies come in contact, Earth and our bodies, electrons flow from the area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water, EZ water, which makes us very good conductors for electricity, or flowing electrons, which is pretty much the same thing. Electrons like to be in pairs and when you perform grounding therapy, the electrons from the Earth go into your body and pair up with free radicals, which are single electrons without a pair responsible for causing inflammation.

This is very similar to what antioxidants in food do, which is why grounding therapy is very healing. Another benefit of grounding is that when you are barefoot you are interacting with the Schumann Resonance, which is Earth’s electromagnetic field which some people call “Earth’s Heartbeat.”

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Health Benefits of Grounding Therapy

There are many benefits to incorporating grounding therapy into your training regimen, including the following

  • Improves mitochondrial function
  • Helps align circadian rhythms
  • Improves recovery
  • Improves energy levels
  • Strengthens immune defense
  • Helps decrease the risk of injury
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Decreases cortisol levels
  • Helps decrease stress and inflammation by improving blood flow
  • Helps connect you with Native EMFS and mitigates the problems of non-native EMF
  • Improve Self awareness

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How to perform grounding therapy

Performing grounding therapy is one of the easiest things you can do for your performance and you don’t have to pay any money at all. All you have to do is take your soccer cleats off and put your bare feet on natural pieces of land, such as grass, sand, dirt, or concrete.

This is a type of therapy that you cannot overdo and the more you do this the more benefit you will get out of it. One way to make grounding even more beneficial is to also be making direct contact with natural water which is why grounding at the beach or a lake or something similar is one of the best things you can do for your health. Check out this video to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

Grounding only works if you are barefoot, or if you are wearing a conductive piece of material on your feet, and it does not work with most shoes because they’re usually made of rubber, a non conductive material.

Best Products for Grounding Therapy

Here are a few products that can help you stay grounded even when you are indoors. The best one from this list is going to be the Earth Runners, which are sandals made of conductive materials that allow you to perform Grounding while wearing them.

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Earth Runner Sandals

These Earth Runner sandals are very minimalistic sandals that have a conductive sole to help keep you Grounded.

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Earthing Book

The Earthing book is a great way to make more sense of the information in this blog. This is a great gifts for any soccer player who likes to read books.

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Grounding Sheets

Grounded sheets have been reported by users worldwide, to help improve sleep and overall recovery.

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Grounding Mat

Hooga Grounding Mat is a top athlete choice when it comes to grounding therapy. Made with high-quality conductive material, it connects you directly with the Earth’s energy when your skin touches it. Follow the instructions on your mat once you get it to set up correctly.

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Earthling 3.0 Grounding Shoe Strap

The Earthling 3.0 Erthe Grounding Shoe Strap, is a strap that you put on your shoes to get the benefits of grounding without having to be barefoot thanks to their conductive materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer training program?

The best online soccer training program and soccer app is Football Entangled. There is no other program like Football Entangled on the market and this community, much more than just an app, also believes in grounding therapy as well as many other natural training techniques.

What is the best material for grounding?

The most effective materials for grounding are conductive ones like copper, silver, and stainless steel. The Earth Runner Sandals consist of these conductive materials which is why they help you stay grounded and they are the best grounding footwear.

How long should I ground each day?

You can ground for as long as you want, ideally a minimum of 30 minutes every day, but this is something that you cannot overdose on. Grounding is recommended for players of all levels from youth all the way to the professional. 


In conclusion, unintentional and intentional grounding therapy both have the same amazing benefits including improving your body’s ability to make energy and recover faster among many other things.

Training barefoot is one of the best ways to improve your overall game because you get a more personal feel for the ball and you get the benefits of grounding. In this blog, I went over the fascinating advantages of using earthing therapy plus I provided you with products to help you stay grounded for longer.

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