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How can you dominate the game when playing at the CAM soccer position, or as the central attacking midfielder? The central attacking midfielder is an important position that should be played by a player who is extremely creative, has good vision, excellent technical ability, as well as other important traits.

This demanding position serves as the bridge between defense and offense, often dictating the game’s flow. A traditional CAM is typically referred to as the number 10, although the player does not have to be wearing that specific number.

In this blog we will be discussing what the CAM position in soccer is, the important traits of attacking central midfielders, the roles and responsibilities, as well as list memorable CAMs throughout history to analyze and learn from.

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What is the CAM Soccer Position?

In soccer, CAM stands for center attacking midfielder and this position is an essential link between defense and offense, usually operating in the spaces between midfield and attack. The game is usually positioned behind the striker and in front of the central midfielder.

Depending on the team’s formation a team may have zero, one, or two or more attacking midfielders. A good CAM is like a chess grandmaster, always thinking several moves ahead.

They must anticipate play patterns, find gaps in opposition defenses, and create spaces for their teammates to exploit. Their main goals are to provide goal scoring opportunities for their teams and be constant attacking threats.

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Important Traits for Attacking Midfielders

If you have ever tried playing the CAM position, either in real life or in FIFA, you know that you need a specific player in this position for the team to be successful. Here are some of the most important traits to develop if you want to be a successful center attacking midfielder.

Constantly creating scoring opportunities

  • Creating scoring opportunities as an attacking midfielder means having good dribbling ability, knowing how to create space, giving key passes to teammates, and scoring goals.

Spatial Awareness:

  • A successful CAM needs an exceptional understanding of their position relative to other players on the field. You need to be fast mentally, not just physically and technically.

Ball Control

  • As an attacking midfielder you need to develop elite ball control which means trapping the ball properly from the air and the ground as well as having good dribbling ability in tight spaces.

Good vision

  • As an attacking midfielder you need to develop good vision, by scanning very often and understanding your team’s formation and your role based on your positions.

Stay calm during pressure

  • Staying calm during pressure is very important as an attacking midfielder and you need to be composed and have confidence in your abilities. In this position you will be getting the ball a lot and you need to be comfortable playing fast, efficiently, and composed.

Extremely creative

  • As an attacking midfielder not only do you have to be composed, since you will be getting the ball a lot, but you need to be creative in how you pass and dribble the ball. Soccer is a game of deceiving your opponents and that requires creativity mixed with calmness and a good sense of control of your body.

Passing Ability

  • In soccer, having the capability to pass efficiently with both feet is a game-changer. A central attacking midfielder with excellent passing skills can create opportunities out of thin air and keep opponents guessing at all times. It’s this unpredictability that makes them invaluable assets on the field.


  • Midfielders are some of the players that cover the most ground during a game and the CAM position is no different. To be a good CAM not only do you need the technical abilities and tactical understanding, but you need elite conditioning as well to keep up with the demands of this position for 90 minutes.

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Responsibilities of the Attacking Midfielder

The role of the attacking midfielder is very important if the formation you choose has at least one or more of this type of player. Below are the key responsibilities associated with this crucial position:

  • Creating Scoring Opportunities
  • Accurate passes
  • Efficient runs to open up space for themselves and for teammates
  • Constant communication with teammates
  • Read the play and be ahead of the game by scanning constantly and developing good vision
  • Stay composed
  • Balance the tempo of the game
  • Involved primary in attacking play, but also may need to drop and defend

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Best CAM Soccer players

If you are an aspiring soccer player that plays the CAM position then it is very important to constantly analyze your soccer game and professional level games. The best way to learn the game is through experience and analyzing your performances, however, analyzing the performances of the best players in the world can help you understand what makes these players so good.

Here is a list of some of the best CAM soccer players to analyze.

  • Leo Messi
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Bernardo Silva
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Antoine Griezzman
  • Martin Odegaard
  • Jamal Musiala
  • Florian Wirtz

Frequently Asked Questions

What number is the CAM usually associated with in soccer?

The CAM position is usually referred to as the number 10. The player playing the CAM position can be referred to as “playing as the 10” but they do not have to be wearing the number 10 jersey.

What is the difference between CM, CDM, and CAM?

A central midfielder, a central defensive midfielder, and a central attacking midfielder all play in the center of the midfield, but they have quite different roles which you can guess what they stand for by reading the names. The CM balances everything while the CDM focuses more on defending and the CAM on attacking


In conclusion, mastering the CAM soccer position requires a blend of creativity, vision, and technical prowess. The CAM serves as the linchpin between defense and offense, orchestrating plays, and creating scoring opportunities.

Developing traits like spatial awareness, ball control, and passing ability is crucial. By analyzing the best CAM players, aspiring talents can learn insights and elevate their game. Whether wearing the iconic number 10 jersey or not, the CAM’s impact on the field is undeniable, making it a position that demands skill, composure, and a strategic mindset.

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