9 Iconic Soccer Chants and Folk Songs

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What are the best soccer chants of all time? If you are a fan of the beautiful game you already know how important football fans are and how they can act as the 12th player to influence the outcome of the game.

But sometimes it is not just about having the most fans because it is more about having a great chant to motivate the team. These incredible chants are more than just noise; they can help with a player’s mindset, they can help a team perform better, and they help distinguish soccer from other sports.

In this blog, I will be talking about some of the most famous chants sung around the world during soccer or football matches.

The Power of Soccer Chants

Soccer is a sport where the energy and passion from fans can have an immense impact on players’ performance. But it’s not just about having large numbers in the stadium, rather their level of involvement in the match is what truly matters.

Soccer chants have the power to give the home team a huge mental advantage, also known as ‘home advantage’, and they can also help away teams perform better and raise their hopes of winning the match. By singing chants, the crowd can help not just motivate their own team, but also throw the opposing team off guard.

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The White Stripes- “Seven Nation Army”

The unofficial anthem of all sports, not just soccer, and one of the most popular sports songs, or chants, is “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes.

This infectious guitar riff first morphed into a football chant during Italy’s triumphant 2006 World Cup campaign and it quickly became synonymous with victory celebrations after fans started singing it each time their team scored a goal.

The popularity of this tune spread like wildfire globally, echoing through stadiums long after matches concluded and it has become a huge hit and one of the most well recognized chants in all of sports history.

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Real Madrid’s “Hala Madrid Y nada mas”

“Hala Madrid y nada más” is the official anthem of Real Madrid Football Club and is sung by the fans before every match at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The phrase “Hala Madrid” is a traditional war cry associated with the club and is often chanted by fans and players alike to encourage the team to victory.

The phrase “Hala” is believed to be of Arabic origin, meaning “Go” or “Come on.” The original anthem of Real Madrid was commissioned in 1952 by then-club president Santiago Bernabéu and was written by composer Indalecio Cisneros and recorded by popular singer Jose de Aguilar.

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Manchester United’s “Glory Glory Man United”

Sung by Manchester United Fans, “Glory Glory Man United,” has its roots deeply embedded in American gospel music and was repurposed by fans into a chant that reflects Manchester United’s ethos: never giving up until victory is achieved.

This incredible chant is sung throughout Old Trafford during matches, serving as both inspiration to players on the pitch and a call-to-arms for spectators.

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Liverpool’s “You will never walk alone”

Another popular English chant is “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which is sung before every Liverpool match at Anfield. The song was originally written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for a Broadway musical in 1945.

However, it became Liverpool’s signature tune in the 1960s after a group from Liverpool called Gerry and the Pacemakers made their own version of the song, which reached number one in the charts. The song’s message of hope and camaraderie has given Liverpool fans hope through some very tough times, both on and off the field.

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Chelsea’s “Blue is the Color”

Another chant by a top 5 team in English football is Chelsea’s “Blue is the Colour.” The song was originally composed and performed by the Chelsea squad in 1972 ahead of the League Cup final against Stoke City. The song was produced by Larry Page, who commissioned Daniel Boone and lyricist David Balfe to write the song for Chelsea F.C.

The song became popular despite Chelsea losing the final and has been adopted as the official theme song of Chelsea ever since. The song’s lyrics are about the passion, loyalty, and unity of Chelsea supporters and their aim to win and it is played at every home game and cup finals.

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Tottenham Hotspur’s “Oh When The Spurs Go Marching In”

Staying on the theme of chants from England, “Oh When The Spurs Go Marching In” is Tottenham Hotspurs’ official anthem. This chant was originally a spiritual hymn sung by African-American churches early last century before being adopted by jazz musicians from New Orleans; now serves as an emblematic battle cry among Tottenham supporters worldwide.

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Arsenal’s “One Song”

Moving on to Tottenham’s biggest rivals, Arsenal also has a ton of chants, but one of their most popular and lighthearted chants is “One Song” which is a tribute to ex Arsenal player Alex Song. The chant is sung by Arsenal fans to the tune of “Blue Moon” and is one of the more playful chants.

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Norwich City’s “We’re here for our scarves”

Although this chant is sung by Norwich City, it was actually Manchester United that began this chant. In response to the Glazer ownership of Manchester United, Manchester United fans protested by wearing yellow and green scarves, the colors of Newton Heath football strip, which is what Manchester United used to be called.

These colors are very similar to the colors of Norwich City and when Manchester United played Norwich City, while Manchester fans were still protesting, the Norwich City fans began singing as a playful chant claiming that Manchester fans were wearing their scarves.

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Manchester City’s “Oh Balotelli”

“Oh Balotelli” sung by Manchester City fans is a lighthearted chant that talks about controversial Italian footballer, and ex Manchester City player, Mario Balotelli.

The chant goes like this “Oh…Balotelli, he’s a striker, he’s good at darts. An allergy to grass but when he plays he’s ******* class, he drives around Moss Side with a wallet full of cash” and is referring to times where Super Mario threw darts at a youth team, had an allergic reaction to grass, and got pulled over while having tons of money in his car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular association football chants and songs?

Soccer chants and soccer songs are slightly different. If you are wondering what some of the best soccer chants are, finish reading this blog, but to find out what some of the most popular soccer songs are, check out this blog.

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How can I learn more about the game?

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In conclusion, soccer chants have the power to motivate teams and help them secure the victory, which may not happen in some other sports. Chanting and singing are soccer traditions that have been around for decades with many iconic chants, such as the ones on this list, as well as new chants being created every year.

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