Best Soccer Camera for Recording and Analyzing Games in 2024

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What is the best soccer camera to record soccer games? Having a reliable soccer camera is a great way to become a better soccer player because it can help you record and analyze you individual performances and team performances.

The beautiful game is always advancing and more technology is introduced to the game each year such as VAR, soccer trackers, smart soccer balls, and even soccer cameras.

In this blog we will be going into why you need to start recording games, the best soccer cameras, from more classic handheld options to more advanced Artificial Intelligence cameras, as well as provide some alternatives to soccer cameras.

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Why You Need to Start Recording Soccer Games

Recording soccer games is one of the most important things you can do if you want to reach a higher level. A reliable soccer camera will help you capture high quality video footage which you can then use to analyze and create highlight videos to send to professional or college teams.

Even by recording your training sessions you can analyze your technique when doing different soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and juggling. Analyzing game footage is something all professional players do with their team so one very important tip is to add game-analysis to your weekly training routine.

Best Soccer Video Camera Options

When it comes to soccer-specific cameras, the market offers several options at different pricepoints with of course different features such as companion apps with mobile devices and more.

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Veo Camera

The Veo Camera stands out as one of the best soccer cameras to record soccer matches and help players develop. With just a few touches, users can connect the camera to their phone through the Veo Camera App, available for both iOS and Android.

Once connected, mounting the camera on a tripod or stadium mount is all it takes to be ready for action. The Veo camera is easy to set up and with the Veo subscription teams and players can get access to their footage to start analyzing and creating highlight videos with.

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Trace Camera

The trace camera is similar to the Veo camera, but with cutting-edge AI technology, it can automatically record and edit individual player highlights. This results in a full playlist of key moments shortly after every game, providing high-quality and engaging content for effective post-match analysis.

The standout feature of Trace is its exclusive Trace iD, offering a personalized profile for each team member. This feature facilitates quick reviewing, organizing, and sharing of each player’s best moments.

Trace is the epitome of an advanced and user-friendly AI soccer camera, setting new standards with its editing and sharing software.

Alternative Options for A Camera System

Iphone recording

One of the most convenient ways to record a soccer game is with your phone. If you have a phone with a high resolution and a high quality camera then your phone can get the job done. When using a phone to record a soccer game there are a few things you need to consider first to make sure you get high quality footage.

  • Record game from a high point, ideally from the sidelines instead of end lines
  • Bring a tripod for the phone
  • Make time to edit the footage afterwards
  • Make sure your phone has enough room and storage
  • Charge your phone beforehand and bring an extra portable charger just in case
  • Use EMF protection for your phone since the radiation from your phone may impact mitochondrial function

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Go Pro

If you have a Go Pro that is also a great alternative to soccer cameras. If you are playing in a pickup game or any type of unofficial game you can even wear the Go Pro while you play to get a first person view.

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Sony HDRCX45 Handy Cam

The final option on this list is a classic handheld camera, which will be one of the cheapest ways to record and watch your soccer games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best camera to record soccer games?

The best soccer camera to record games will be a soccer camera system that automatically tracks and records players such as the Trace Camera or the Veo Camera. Handheld options will be much cheaper, but have less features.


In conclusion, a soccer camera is an important piece of equipment that can easily fit inside of your bag that will allow you to record and analyze your games, as well as create highlight videos.

In this blog I discussed why aspiring players, especially young players, have to record their games as well as provided you with recommendations for the best soccer cameras and alternatives.

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