Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks? Explained

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Why do professional soccer players cut their socks in half or cut holes in their socks? Soccer socks are one of the most important pieces of soccer equipment and knowing how to wear socks properly is crucial for optimal comfort and performance

In the beautiful game of soccer, anytime you watch a game there is a high chance that you may see one or more football players with cut-up soccer socks. Sometimes players cut up their team socks to wear a pair of grip socks under them, while other players cut large holes into the back of their socks to improve comfort.

In this blog, we will explain why football players cut their socks in various ways and the advantages of doing so.

why do soccer players cut their socks

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Why Do Professional Footballers Cut Their Team Socks?

Professional soccer players cut their socks to wear more comfortable socks, usually grip socks, under or to increase the comfortability of their current socks.

Grip socks, which get their name from the strong grip pads on the socks, are designed to stick closely to your foot to minimize foot slippage within your cleats, prevent blisters, other minor foot issues, and ensure maximum contact with the playing surface.

Here are some potential benefits of cutting your new socks and wearing a specialized pair of socks, such as grip socks:

  • Improve Comfortability
  • Improve cleat responsiveness
  • Reduce foot slippage inside of the cleats
  • Prevent blisters
  • Might help prevent injuries more than regular socks (due to making your feet and cleats more responsive)
  • You get to choose what type of socks you wear

why do soccer players cut their socks

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Why Do Professional Footballers Cut Holes in their Socks?

Besides cutting their team socks in half, soccer players also cut holes in the back of their socks for various reasons including:

  • Improved functionality and comfort
  • Relieve pressure around the calf muscles and other lower leg muscles
  • Increase blood flow and circulation to the lower limbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do football players cut holes in their new pair of socks?

Professional soccer players cut holes in the back of their socks for many reasons. Finish reading the rest of this blog to find out why plus much more.

Which professional football players cut holes on their socks during the Qatar World Cup?

Many of the England national team players cut holes in their socks to alleviate pressure on their lower leg muscles and have better form fitting socks. Manchester City and England player Kyle Walker was the first player to play with holes in his socks during a game against Liverpool back in 2018.


In conclusion, there are many footballers that cut their socks for many good reasons. There are two main ways to cut your socks in soccer, cutting the ankle part and using grip socks along with the remaining long part of the sock or cutting holes in the back of socks to alleviate pressure.

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