Kick in comfort: Best soccer cleats for wide feet (2024)

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What are the best soccer cleats for wide feet? As a soccer player, cleats are the most important piece of equipment that you wear which is why it is important to have the right soccer cleats with excellent traction, enough room in the toe area, and a fit that helps you feel comfortable and confident.

Most soccer cleats nowadays are very narrow, to provide a locked-in and responsive fit to allow you to perform the quick changes of direction required for the beautiful game. Although as soccer players we need the snug fit of these cleats, some cleats can be too narrow and cause players foot problems, especially if they have wider feet.

In this blog I will go over factors to consider before investing your money in wide soccer cleats as well as provide you a list of the best recommended cleats for wide feet.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

Factors to Consider When Choosing Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

When it comes to choosing the best cleats for wide feet, there are many important factors to consider.

Foot Type:

All soccer players have different feet and it is very important to understand your foot shape, arch type, and width, to understand what type of soccer cleats are right for you.

If you are a player with wide feet, or feel that your current cleats are too tight, look for models that accommodate wider feet by having a wider toe box.


Consider whether you want football boots made from leather, synthetic materials, or knitted uppers.


Consider what type of surface you will plan on the most to make sure you get the right type of studs:


It is also important to consider if you like lace or laceless models.

Aesthetics Preferences:

Your style and preference are essential in choosing the perfect soccer cleats. Research various brands, models, and features before making a final choice to ensure you are happy with your pick.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

Tips for Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Now that you know about some of the key factors to consider when looking to find cleats for wide feet, let’s go over some important tips.

  • Try on the soccer cleats with a pair of socks or grip socks that you will use during a real game or training session
  • Compare the shape of your foot with the shape of the cleats
  • Avoid overly tight cleats that provide too much of a snug fit
  • Check the measurements of the cleats before purchasing, especially the width measurements.
  • Check for a spacious toe box and heel area
  • Consider cleats made from high quality and flexible materials
  • Read reviews of people who have tried the cleats you are interested in.

Best Soccer Cleats Designed Specifically for Wide Feet

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Overall: Nike Tiempo Legend X Elite

The Nike Tiempo Legend Elite are some of the highest quality kangaroo leather cleats on the market. The natural material will mold to the shape of your foot, even if you have wide feet, offering a unique custom fit and feel for the ball that you cannot replicate with synthetic materials.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Budget-Friendly: Adidas Predator Accuracy.2 FG

The Adidas Predator Accuracy.2 FG offers an affordable yet high quality option for soccer players with wide feet but on a budget. With a focus on accuracy, these cleats provide a good balance of performance and value.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Puma: PUMA Future Z Ultimate

If you are a fan of PUMA the PUMA Future Z ultimate soccer cleats are some of the widest cleats offered. Created from high quality synthetic materials, these cleats provide optimal traction and leave enough room for your feet to breathe, but to feel snug and secure inside the cleats.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Adidas: Adidas Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a classic and iconic soccer cleat. Known for its durability and high quality leather materials, these cleats will provide an old school fit without compromising on quality that are up to today’s standards.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best New Balance: New Balance Furon V7 Destroy

The New Balance Furon V7 Destroy is a top pick for those favoring New Balance soccer cleats. These cleats combine speed and comfort, featuring high-quality materials for durability. The cleat’s design caters to players seeking a balance between speed and power, making it an excellent choice for those with wider feet.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Artificial Turf Shoes: Puma King Top TT

The Puma King Top TT is specifically designed for artificial turf surfaces and stands out as the best turf shoes for wide feet.

best soccer cleats for wide feet

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Best Indoor Shoes: Adidas Copa Mundial

From the same line as one of the other cleats on this list, the Adidas Copa Mundial indoor soccer shoes stand out as the best shoes that you can use on hard surfaces such as pickup games on concrete or futsal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer cleat for wide feet?

One of the best soccer cleats for wide feet is the Nike Tiempo Legend Elite. This cleats has a soft kangaroo leather upper that molds perfectly to the shape of your feet giving you a truly unique fit and feel.

Are Adidas or Nike soccer cleats wider?

Typically, Nike cleats are narrower than Adidas cleats except for Nike’s leather cleats. If you are a player with wide feet it is best to choose a premium leather soccer cleat or Adidas soccer cleats, since they are usually a bit more wide.


In conclusion, players who have wider feet or who have experienced foot problems with most soccer cleats, should really consider investing in wide soccer cleats. Wide soccer cleats provide more room for your feet and toes to move, which can be good for circulation, and they can help improve your confidence, which leads to better performance and injury prevention.

In this blog I went over key factors to consider before you invest in wide soccer cleats, some tips for find the right cleats for you, as well as provided you with the recommendations for best wide soccer cleats.

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