Best Indoor Soccer Ball to buy in 2024

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What is the best indoor soccer ball on the market? A soccer ball is one of the most important pieces of soccer equipment to have and indoor soccer balls are different from regular soccer balls.

Indoor soccer balls are specialized balls designed for harder surfaces, such as when playing pickup games on concrete or futsal, and they are smaller and heavier than regular soccer balls so that they do not bounce as much. In this blog we will cover important factors to consider before you invest money in an indoor soccer ball as well as share with you the best indoor soccer balls.

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Key Factors to Look for in an Indoor Soccer Ball

If you are looking to invest in an indoor soccer ball, it is important to consider some key factors first to help guide your decision-making process:

Brand Reputation:

Choose reputable brands known for producing high-quality indoor soccer balls such as Senda Athletics.


Look for indoor soccer balls made with high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques such as machine stitching, which enhances durability and maintains shape over extended use.

Size and Weight:

Consider the appropriate size and weight of the indoor soccer ball based on the age group and skill level of the players. There are three main indoor soccer ball sizes which we will cover next.

Read Reviews:

One of the best things you can do to make sure you are getting a high quality soccer ball is to read the reviews of the product you are interested in to see what people are saying about it.

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Indoor Soccer Ball Size

When it comes to indoor soccer balls, or futsal balls, there are various sizes to be aware of and choosing the right one will provide an optimal playing experience.

Size 2 Futsal Balls:

  • Ideal as an initiation ball for youth players
  • Designed for children under 7 years old
  • Circumference of 21 inches

Size 3 Futsal Balls:

  • Middle sized ball
  • Designed for ages 8 to 12
  • Circumference of 23 inches

Size 4 Futsal Balls:

  • Professional-level size and weight standards
  • Designed for ages 13 and older
  • Circumference of 25 inches

Best Indoor Soccer Balls

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Best Overall Indoor Soccer Ball: Senda Athletics Futsal Ball

Senda Athletic is one of the biggest futsal and indoor soccer brands in the world and they make some of the most popular high quality soccer balls. Its premium construction, featuring machine-stitched panels and a butyl bladder, ensures superior durability and air retention.

If you have played futsal before, or walked by a group of players playing futsal there is a high chance they were playing with a ball by Senda Athletics.

Best Indoor Soccer Ball

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Second Best Overall Indoor Soccer Ball: Adidas Team Sala

Coming in as the second best overall ball on this list is the Adidas Team Sala indoor soccer ball which offers a perfect balance of performance and durability. Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, this ball delivers consistent flight and bounce characteristics for indoor use.

Its sleek modern design, combined with Adidas’ renowned reputation for excellence, makes it a top contender in the indoor soccer ball market.

best indoor soccer ball

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Best Budget-Friendly Indoor Soccer Ball: Forza Indoor Soccer Ball

For players looking for a more budget friendly, but high quality indoor soccer ball, the Forza indoor ball is a great choice. Coming in at just $15 this ball will allow you to get hours of quality training and fun for the fraction of the cost of the other balls on this list.

Best Indoor Soccer Ball

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Best Premium Indoor soccer ball: Senda Volta Premier

Another product on this list by Senda Athletics is the Senda Volta Premier which stands out as the best premium indoor soccer ball. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this ball offers unparalleled consistency and responsiveness on the field.

Its advanced features, including a butyl bladder for enhanced air retention and a soft-touch exterior for superior control, make it the preferred choice for elite players and premier indoor soccer leagues.

Best Indoor Soccer Ball

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Best Home Indoor Soccer Ball For kids: The House Ball by Safe Sport Gear

Specifically designed for youth players and home use, The House Ball by Safe Sport Gear offers a safe and enjoyable indoor soccer experience for kids. With its lightweight construction and soft feel, this ball is perfect for indoor play on hard surfaces, ensuring minimal impact on walls and furniture.

Its vibrant colors and durable design make it a favorite among children, keeping kids entertained while honing their soccer skills indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a special ball for indoor football, or soccer?

Yes, you need a special ball to play indoor football, indoor soccer, or futsal. These special balls are different from outdoor soccer balls in that they are smaller, since it is a smaller field, and they are heavier, so they have a lower bounce rate.

What type of shoes do you need for indoor soccer or futsal?

There are many different types of soccer cleats to choose from and if you want to play indoor soccer or futsal it is very important to have the proper indoor soccer shoes to minimize the risk of injury and achieve optimal performance.


In conclusion, selecting the right indoor soccer ball is crucial for an optimal playing experience and to actually get to enjoy a game of futsal or indoor soccer. In this blog we went over the key factors to consider before investing in an indoor soccer ball, the different sizes of indoor soccer balls, as well as provided you with recommendations for the best indoor soccer balls on the market right now.

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