The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes to buy in 2024

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What are the best indoor soccer shoes? The beautiful game is the most popular sport in the world that has many variations from the original game on grass, to beach soccer, and of course indoor soccer, or futsal.

Stepping into the indoor soccer court demands more than just skill. It requires having the perfect gear and equipment, to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention, starting with the best indoor soccer shoes.

In this blog we will be going over tips for choosing the best indoor soccer cleats, or shoes, as well as share with you some of the best recommendations to invest your money in. Remember, indoor soccer shoes have no studs, like regular soccer cleats, and are designed specifically for harder surfaces.

Tips for Choosing the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Before we go over the best indoor soccer shoes let’s discuss some important tips to help you find the right pair for you.

Know your foot shape and type

One of the most important parts of getting indoor soccer shoes that fit properly is knowing your foot shape and type. This way you are able to figure out what size you need based on the brand of shoes you get, since different brands have different size guidelines.

Playing surface

Different playing surfaces required different types of soccer cleats. For example, to play on natural grass you need firm ground cleats, to play on artificial turf you need turf shoes, and to play on hard surfaces, such as concrete or wood, you need indoor soccer shoes.

Shoe type

Nowadays, cleats come in different styles. For example, most cleats will have a low top version and a high top version, with a dynamic fit collar or similar feature, for a more premium price.


Also nowadays, cleats come made from different materials such as either natural leather, synthetic leather, synthetic fibers, or knitted materials.

Lacing System

It is also really important to consider if you want shoes with the traditional lacing system or laceless.

Shoe Brand

Consider what soccer related brand you like the most, Adidas, Nike, Puma, or any others, and stick with that brand, especially if you have been using their cleats for a while and you have no problems.

Try Before you Buy

The last tip for choosing indoor soccer shoes is to make sure you try on the cleats before you buy them. Also make sure to try them on with socks or grip socks that you would use during a real game or training sessions, to get a more accurate feel for how the cleats will perform in-game.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best Overall Indoor soccer shoes: Nike LunarGato II

The Nike LunarGato II stands out as the best overall indoor soccer shoe, combining a lightweight design, high quality goat leather upper for durability, and a gum rubber outsole for optimal traction on indoor surfaces. Their modern design, along with the classic feel and touch that the cleats deliver, make these shoes some of the best indoor soccer shoes you can get your feet on.

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly

Recognized as the best Nike indoor soccer shoe, and the most lightweight shoe on this list, the Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly features a breathable synthetic material, excellent grip, and a dynamic fit collar to provide a true sock-like feel. If you are a fan of lightweight shoes that have a high top version, which does not provide ankle support, but can make your cleats more responsive, these are the perfect shoes for you.

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best Puma Indoor Soccer shoes: Puma Ultra Ultimate Court

When talking about Puma, The Puma Ultra Ultimate Court soccer shoes stand out as the best in this category. Made from a very lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper, along with other features such as a heel made from durable PWRTAPE and a strong EVA cushioning, these cleats will provide you with maximum traction, protection, and speed.

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best Adidas indoor soccer shoes:Adidas Copa Gloro

Adidas are known for making some of the highest quality indoor and outdoor soccer shoes. Among all of the shoes they have, the Adidas Copa Gloro, made from a kangaroo leather upper, stands out as the best modern looking Adidas indoor shoes.

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best indoor leather shoes: Adidas Samba

Another Adidas shoe on this list, and arguably one of the most classic shoes ever, are the Adidas Samba indoor soccer shoes. Made from high quality natural leather that will mold to the shape of your feet, these shoes will provide an old school, but custom fit and feel for the ball, that cannot be replicated with other shoes. These are also great options for if you have wide feet.

best indoor soccer shoes

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Best Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes: Nike Kids Street Gato

For youth soccer players looking for the right gear for indoor soccer, it is possible to get any of the indoor shoes on this list in kid versions, however the Nike Kids Street Gato are specifically designed for younger players, making them the best shoe in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes to wear for indoor soccer on turf?

For indoor soccer on turf, choose shoes with a grippy rubber outsole, providing optimal traction and control on artificial surfaces. Most soccer cleats have a variation of an indoor version so you can find your preferred shoe designs. You can also choose turf shoes that have a lot of very small studs.

Do indoor soccer shoes work as outdoor soccer shoes?

While indoor soccer shoes are designed for optimal performance on indoor surfaces, using them outdoors occasionally is possible. However, it’s best to use the right type of shoes based on the playing surface for optimal performance and to decrease the risk of injuries.


In conclusion, indoor soccer shoes are an important part of a soccer player’s gear and equipment that are specially designed for use on harder surfaces. In this blog we went over some tips to help you find the perfect indoor soccer shoe for any situation as well as gave you recommendations for the best indoor shoes to invest in.

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