Who has the Most Assists in Soccer History?

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Who has the most assists in soccer history? Many people know that scoring goals is one of the most important parts of the beautiful game, but just as important as the goal is the pass leading up to that goal, which is known as the assist.

The assist is one of the most important statistics out there for attacking players including midfielders, such as the CM and CAM, and forwards, such as the wingers and strikers or center forwards. Some players are known for scoring goals, others for getting assists, and some are even known for both, such as a few players on this list.

In this blog, I will be going over the players with the most assists in soccer history.

What is an Assist in Soccer?

The term assist is used to describe the pass leading up to a goal and it is one of the most used stats by FIFA. An assist is a pass that is either intentional or unintentional that leads directly to a goal for their team.

Most Assists in Soccer History
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#1 Ferenc Puskas- 404 Assists

Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas tops the list of all-time assist providers in world football history with an impressive 404 assists. His vision and creativity on the pitch made him not only a prolific goal scorer but also an exceptional playmaker.

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#2 Pele- 369 Assists

Brazilian icon Pele is not only known for his goal-scoring abilities but also for his ability to set up his teammates for goals. With 369 assists to his name, Pele showcased his versatility as an attacking player throughout his amazing career.

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#3 Lionel Messi- 361 Assists

Arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi’s incredible passing ability has seen him provide 361 assists in his career so far and he holds the record for the most La Liga assists. His vision, precision, and timing make him a formidable playmaker on the field, not just a goal scorer.

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#4 Johan Cruyff- 358 Assists

Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff mesmerized football fans with his sublime skills, intelligence on the pitch, and tactical innovations as a coach. With 358 assists, Cruyff played a crucial role in creating attacks and goal-scoring opportunities for his teams.

#5 Thomas Image by Source

Muller- 302 Assists

German and Bayern Munich legend Thomas Muller is often under appreciated in the modern game because he is not the most flashy player, but what he lacks in physical speed he makes up for in intelligence.

Known for his intelligent movement and exceptional passing range, Muller has 302 assists and counting to his name, which has solidified him as one of the greatest assist makers in history.

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#6 Luis Suarez- 293 Assists

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez is not only lethal in front of goal, and regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time but is also capable of setting up his teammates. With 293 assists, Suarez’s creativity and vision have been instrumental in the success of the teams he has played for.

Most Assists in Soccer History

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#7 Luis Figo – 283 Assists

Luis Figo, a Portuguese winger who is second behind Lionel Messi in the all time La Liga assist chart, has enough assists to be in this list of the greatest assist makers. Despite his controversial move from rivals Barcelona to Real Madrid, his skillful dribbling and precise crosses allowed him to register a total of 283 assists for club and country.

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#8 Ryan Giggs- 277 Assists

Ryan Giggs is a Welsh Manchester United legend who is known for his longevity, versatility, and playmaking ability. Throughout his career, Giggs recorded a total of 277 assists, an impressive feat that was instrumental in the success of the Red Devil’s legendary era.

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#9 Cristiano Ronaldo – 268 Assists

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s all time leading goal scorer, with over 890 goals, but many people may not know that he is also a great assist maker that can help his team score goals from out of nowhere.

With 268 assists, Ronaldo has solidified his name into the history books as one of the best players of all time.

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#10 Angel Di Maria- 259 Assists

One of the most underrated players of all time, Angel Di Maria, has not only won the biggest trophies both at the club and international level, but he has also racked up 259 assists and counting.

The Argentine winger possesses exceptional dribbling skills, speed, vision, and a keen eye for a pass.

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#11 Mesut Ozil- 240 Assists

Prime Mesut Ozil was the epitome of what every center attacking midfielder should strive to be, a creative player who can dribble through everyone and play the perfect pass at the perfect time.

With 240 assists, Ozil has been a prolific creator of goals throughout his career, playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world including Real Madrid, Arsenal, and the German national team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most assists in a single season?

Dusan Tadic has tallied the most assists in a single season with 37 during his 2020-21 season with Ajax.

Who has the most assists in a Premier League Season?

Kevin De Bruyne and Thierry Henry are the two players that hold the record for most assists in a single Premier League season.

Who has the most assists in a Champions league season?

Luis Figo holds the record for most assists in a single Champions league season with 9.

Who has the most assists at the international level?

Landon Donovan of the United States has the most assists in international football, or soccer, history.

Who has the most assists in World Cup history?

Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, two legends of Argentina and World football,have the most assists in World Cup history with eight each.

Who has the most assists in a single Major League Soccer Season?

Carlos Valderrama has the most assists in a single MLS season in the United States with 26.

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In this blog we went over the list of greatest assist makers in the history of the beautiful game, which includes football icons such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Pele.

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