Top 20 Best Soccer Coach Gift Ideas (2024)

Finding the perfect soccer coach gift ideas can be a challenging task. After all, how do you show appreciation to someone who has dedicated time, energy, and effort towards your player’s soccer development?

Soccer coaches play crucial roles in the lives of young athletes and their job is not only to make them better soccer players, but to help them become better human beings off the field as well. As your soccer season or training program comes to an end, what better way to express your gratitude towards a coach than to thank them with a special gift?

In this blog, I will be going over the best soccer coach gift ideas to find a gift for any occasion.

Soccer Team Picture Frame

A soccer themed picture frame, along with a picture of your team, is the perfect gift idea to help your coach remember a season of hard work and unforgettable memories.

Soccer Coach Desk Decor

Another great way to show appreciation for your coach and help them add some decoration to their desk or home is with this soccer themed decoration that has space for all players to sign or write a message on.

Chalktalk Sports Soccer Coach Plaque

Another great way to show appreciation to your soccer coach is with this stylish plaque from Chalktalk Sports. This is  yet another perfect addition to their office or home decor that players can sign or write on for an even more personalized gift.

Soccer Coach Plaque with Wooden Stand

If you want a gift that does not require for you to write on it then you can honor your soccer coach’s commitment and hard work with this unique plaque featuring an appreciation message and a wooden stand.

Soccer Coach Thank You Card

One other way to express gratitude towards your soccer coach is with a heartfelt thank you card. Choose a card with a thoughtful saying, write your own, or do both.

Soccer Coach Keychain

A small yet meaningful gesture, this soccer coach keychain serves as a daily reminder of their passion for coaching and is perfect for any set of keys, plus you can write something on the thank you card.

Engraved Soccer Coach Whistle

Moving on to a more practical gift, this engraved whistle is something that your coach can use during training, plus it has a nice message on it.

Soccer Coach Travel Mug

Ideal for busy coaches on the go, this travel mug keeps their favorite hydration drink hot or cold while they’re out coaching, making it a practical and convenient gift.

Soccer Coaching Board

One of the most important pieces of equipment for soccer coaches is a soccer coaching board, making this one of the most useful gifts on this list that your coach can start using with your team right away to help your team understand tactics, formations, and positions better.

Soccer Ball Mug

Help start your coach’s day off right with this soccer ball mug, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or tea while expressing their love for the sport and profession.

Signed Soccer Ball

A prized possession for any soccer coach, a signed soccer ball represents the team’s appreciation for their guidance and memories of that soccer season. A signed soccer ball is one of the best gifts that you can give any coach.

Signed Soccer Jersey

Similar to the last gift, a signed team soccer jersey is a prized possession for any soccer coach that shows the team’s gratitude for their leadership and coaching skills.

Soccer Jersey of Favorite Team

Another thoughtful gift involving jerseys is to buy your soccer coach a jersey of their favorite team. As a bonus choose their preferred kit, since most teams will have a home, away, and alternative kits for one season.

Soccer Backpack

Practical and stylist, buying your coach a soccer backpack is perfect for carrying coaching essentials to and from the field easily and efficiently.

Set of Soccer Training Balls

Another valuable piece of equipment you can buy your coach is a set of training soccer balls, which would be a great gift if you are able to find really good deals since sometimes you can great prices for buying balls in bulk.

Electric Soccer Ball Pump

Almost just as valuable as the soccer ball itself, a high quality soccer ball pump will inflate and deflate soccer balls fast and efficiently, saving both time and effort for the coach during training sessions and games.

Soccer Equipment

From cones to agility ladders, providing the coach with essential soccer gear and equipment to enhance training sessions and player development are some great gift ideas.

Soccer Ball Bag

A soccer ball bag is a practical gift for your soccer coach that will them stay organized and easily transport equipment from session to session.

Barefoot Shoes

Ideal for coaching on turf or indoor surfaces, these barefoot shoes provide comfort and support for the coach during long hours on the field. On the other hand you can also choose a wide pair of indoor soccer shoes that have a wide toe box to allow the feet to not get squished and to let them breathe a bit more.

Soccer book

Soccer books, such as this book on “scanning”, are thoughtful gifts and a great way to help expand your coach’s knowledge and expertise on various aspects of coaching. You can also choose a book of your coach’s favorite coach, team, or player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of gifts are good for soccer coaches?

Soccer coach gifts can range from very personalized items to very practical and reliable gifts. Check out this list to learn about the best 20 gift ideas for soccer coaches.


A soccer coach plays a huge role in the overall success and development of a player’s soccer journey on and off the field. After a season of hard work or once a training program comes to an end, buying your coach a unique gift is a great way to show your appreciation for their commitment, dedication, and expertise.

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