A Complete Guide to the Best Leather Soccer Cleats of 2024

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Written by Daniel Pena, Bachelors in Kinesiology and footballer: Learn More

What are the best leather soccer cleats out right now? The beautiful game is always evolving and new technology is introduced every year, but sometimes nothing beats the iconic look of a fresh pair of leather cleats.

Soccer cleats are one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you will not want to forget to pack inside of your bag. If you are an old-time fan of leather cleats, or if you are looking for a new pair of wide or comfortable cleats that provide a custom fit, leather cleats might provide the solutions you are looking for.

In this blog will provide a complete guide on the best leather cleats based on different categories.

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The Advantage of Leather Cleats over Synthetic Cleats

Since they are made from two separate materials, there is no surprise that leather cleats and synthetic cleats have their unique differences.


Cleats made from high quality leather will typically last a lot longer than synthetic materials, which means that over time you will be saving more money by not having to buy new cleats as often.


Leather cleats are usually some of the highest quality cleats you can get because the natural material will literally mold to the shape of your foot, providing a unique and custom fit that synthetic cleats cannot provide.


Since they are made from thicker materials, leather soccer cleats will weigh more than synthetic cleats, but this slight difference will not make a huge impact on your overall speed and athleticism.


Again, since leather cleats are made from thicker materials they will provide more protection than synthetic cleats when it comes to getting stepped on or kicked by an opponents soccer cleats.

Wet cleats

The one disadvantage of wearing leather cleats comes from the fact if you play in wet conditions, the cleats may get a bit heavier, since they will soak up the water. On the other hand, synthetic cleats will not absorb the water, which is one of the main advantages of synthetic cleats.

With that being said, all of the advantages of leather cleats far outweigh the disadvantages.

Tips for Choosing Leather Soccer cleats

Before you go invest in a new pair of leather cleats make sure to use these tips to find the right pair for you.

  • Try on the soccer cleat with socks that you would wear in a real game or training
  • Check the measurements of the cleats
  • Check to see if the cleats’ shape matches your foot’s shape.
  • Avoid cleats that are way too tight
  • Read reviews of people who have tried the cleats you are interested in.

Top Picks for Leather Soccer Cleats

There are a lot of high quality leather soccer cleats on the market and all of the choices on this list are cleats that I have either tried, have good reviews online, or have been recommended by other soccer enthusiasts, to help you find the right cleats for you.Best leather soccer cleatsCompare price on Pro Direct Soccer

Best Overall: Nike Tiempo Legend Elite

Leather soccer cleats don’t really get any better than the Nike Tiempo Legend Line, which has been consistent in making the highest quality leather cleats for nearly two decades now. Made from premium kangaroo leather, these cleats have a long lifespan, provide a custom, but snug fit, and can be used on natural grass surfaces as well as occasionally on artificial grass.

Unfortunately, the newest model, the Nike Tiempo Legend X is made from synthetic leather, due to animal rights activists, so if you want the classic leather Tiempos you will have to look for the older models.

Best leather soccer cleats

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Best Budget Option: Nike Tiempo Legend Pro

If you are a player on a budget looking for high quality leather cleats the Nike Tiempo Legend Pro is the go-to choice. These cleats are the takedown model of the Nike Tiempo Legends and for only a fraction of the cost they still provide a very high quality leather boot.

Similar to the last pair of cleats, if you want to find real leather Nike Tiempo Legend Pros, you will have to look for the older models since unfortunately the newer models are made from synthetic leather that is supposed to be softer than natural leather.

Best leather soccer cleats

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Best Classic Leather Cleat: Copa Mundial

Most leather cleats will provide a classic feel, due to the natural material, but nowadays they will be designed with a more modern look. If you are looking for a classic pair of leather cleats, with an old school look, the Adidas Copa Mundial is the perfect choice.

The Adidas Copa Mundial have been some of the best leather cleats for years now and they are a pair of cleats you can never go wrong with.

Best leather soccer cleats

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Best Indoor Leather Shoe: Adidas Samba

Similar to the Adidas copa Mundial, the Adidas Samba indoor soccer shoes are an iconic leather shoe with an old school look and feel. These are arguably some of the most popular indoor soccer and futsal shoes of all time and there is a high chance you may have seen players wear these before. I’ve even seen people that don’t play the game wear these shoes because they are so comfortable.Best leather soccer cleats

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Best Turf Leather Shoe: Puma King Top Turf

The Puma King Top turf soccer shoes stand out as the best in their category. With a classic feel and look, but with a modern touch, these are some of the most comfortable and nicest looking turf shoes on the market. The shoes even come with the iconic fold-over tongue design.

Best leather soccer cleats

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Honorable Mention for Best Overall: Made in Japan Mizuno Morelia

Last, but not least we have an honorable mention for the best leather soccer cleats. I have not personally tried these boots yet, but from the reviews I’ve read and watched, as well as how high ranking these boots are on other lists, I had to include it in here.

What makes these boots so especially is that they are handcrafted and made in japan with the highest quality premium kangaroo leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Leather Soccer Cleats Better?

Leather soccer cleats usually offer more comfort, protection, and a custom fit compared to synthetic cleats, but they are a bit heavier. The weight won’t make a difference but there is no better soccer cleat because it all comes down to preference. In my opinion, leather cleats are far superior.


In conclusion, leather cleats are some of the highest quality cleats, especially compared to most synthetic cleats, and in this article we explained everything you need to know. From their advantages, and a disadvantage, to how to choose the right cleats for you, as well as by giving you some of the best recommendations I hope this article has made it easier for you to invest in a brand new pair of reliable cleats.

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