Top 5 Best Soccer Trackers to Buy in 2024

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What are the best soccer trackers to invest your money in? The wide use of soccer trackers at all levels of the game has become more popular now than ever before due to technology advancing every year.

Soccer trackers can be a useful piece of equipment for various professional teams, but they also have potential side effects that players have to be aware of. Just wearing a GPS soccer tracker will not make you a better player on its own, but the data and metrics gathered can give professional teams and sport scientists a lot of data about the professional athletes they work with. .

In this blog we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a GPS tracker as well as share with you the top 5 best soccer trackers that you can invest in.

Benefits of Using a Soccer GPS Tracker

Soccer GPS trackers, ranging from vests to soccer cleat straps offer many advantages for players, teams, and coaches because they provide real time data that can be analyzed for various reasons.

  • The data allows sports scientists to modify a player’s program and needs based on the data collected
  • The data includes real-time tracking, distance covered, max speed, heart rate, heat maps, and much more.
  • The trackers are lightweight and do not interfere with players gear and athletic movements

Negatives of Using a Soccer GPS Tracker

Despite their numerous benefits, soccer GPS trackers have negatives that players need to know about before they invest in one. :

  • Affects mitochondrial function:
  • Data Overload:
    • Collecting a lot of data may lead to data overload where you have so much information you don’t even know what to do with it. This is why it is best to choose specific data you want to track and not just track everything you do.
  • Battery Life Concerns:
    • While high quality trackers like the ones on this list offer long battery life, extended training sessions or multiple games within a day may need multiple recharges.

How to Pick the Best GPS Tracker for You

Before you go out and buy a GPS tracker here are some key factors to consider.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Weight
  • Storage size.
  • Battery life

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Best Overall Soccer GPS tracking vest: STATsports Apex Athlete Soccer Tracker

Ranked as the best overall soccer GPS tracking device, the STATsports Apex Soccer Tracker is one of the most common vests that you have probably seen either in real life or on TV. This FIFA approved vest operates at 10Hz, providing rapid data through an OLED screen.

This vest has an outstanding battery life lasting three games or six hours and a quick one-hour recharge time. The package includes a lightweight vest and the “Apex Athlete App,” to help you keep track and make sense of the date you collect. This vest comes with a 12 month warranty to offer you some level of protection.

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Second Best GPS tracking vest: Catapult Sports Smart Soccer Tracker

Another FIFA-authorized and lightweight GPS tracking vest is the Catapult Playr Smart Soccer Tracker which stands out for its SmartPod GPS device integrated into a sleek black vest. This lightweight vest comes in various sizes to provide the right fit for you and has other cool features.

The device comes with the Playr app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and will help you track and make sense of your data.

Priced at $199.99, this tracker delivers essential data on speed, distance, load, power, sprints, intensity, and positioning via heatmaps, making it a favorite among professional athletes.

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Best Budget-Friendly GPS tracking vest: SOCCERBEE Lite GPS tracker

If you are a player on a budget, but you still want to try out a GPS tracking best, the SOCCERBEE GPS tracker is the perfect choice for you. The trackers comes with an app, again to help you track and make sense of your data, and offers many of the same features as the more high end products, but for a fraction of the cost.

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Best GPS Trackers for Soccer Cleats: CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker Straps

Although the most common type of soccer trackers are GPS vests there are also some soccer cleat strap trackers that are of high quality. In this category, the CITYPLAY Smart soccer tracker is by far the best option and offers many of the same features as the vests.

These trackers capture essential information such as distance covered, top speed, and much more. The wearable device is water-resistant and boasts a long battery life, making it an ideal choice for soccer enthusiasts, both amateur and professional.

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Honorable Mention for Best Soccer Tracker: Zepp Play Soccer

For those looking for another high quality, but budget-friendly soccer GPS tracker, the Zepp Play Soccer Tracker stands out as an excellent choice. Priced at half the cost of other premium trackers, it provides comprehensive analytics, including distance covered, effort exerted, and number of kicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can GPS tracking help overall team performance during a game or training session?

The accurate data gathered by GPS trackers such as distance covered, heatmaps, and other tracking systems, can help the team understand how individual players are playing.

Do professional soccer players wear GPS trackers?

Yes, professional teams use GPS trackers for their players to keep track of performance data such as heart rate, all of the player’s movements, and much more depending on the model you invest in.

Why do soccer players wear sports bras?

Sometimes soccer players look like they are wearing sports bras because they are actually wearing the GPS tracking vests, not a sports bra.


In conclusion, soccer trackers are a piece of equipment that can help players track their data and metrics, but they have to be used wisely because just wearing one on one won’t necessarily make you a better player. With that being said it is also important to consider the benefits and negatives of using this device before you invest in it.

In this blog I provided you with important information to know about soccer trackers and gave you recommendations for best GPS trackers to invest in a soccer player.

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