Why do Soccer Players wear Bras: Everything You Need to Know

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Why do professional soccer players wear bras? As the beautiful game keeps on becoming more modernized, professional soccer teams use GPS vests, which look like sports bras, to help track player data. If you want to learn more about the truth of the potential side effects of using a GPS vest keep on reading this blog.

Why do Soccer Players wear Bras

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Why do Male Footballers Wear Sports Bras?

The game is always evolving, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst, and GPS trackers are a result of living in a modern world that loves to bring technology into everything. These sports bras are equipped with advanced technology to help teams track the data of each of their players.

During a training session the GPS vest can be worn over the training gear, but during a real game the GPS vest has to be worn under the team jersey.

Why do Soccer Players wear Bras

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What type of Data do GPS Sports Bras Record?

These sports bras, or soccer trackers record a wide range of GPS data such as running stats, including the distance covered, average running speed, total sprinting distance, average acceleration time, and average deceleration time.

Physiotherapists and sports scientists also believe that GPS trackers serve a pivotal role in injury prevention and monitoring player’s well-being. By capturing data on heart rate, athlete’s load, G-force, impact data, and the intensity of play, sports scientists can use this information to assess session loads, oversee rehabilitation, and modify training programs.

Why do Soccer Players wear Bras

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How do GPS vests work?

The simple answer is that GPS trackers work by placing a GPS tracking device inside the small pouch in the back of the vest, which is lightweight in itself to make sure there are no restrictions on a player’s movements.

There are other types of trackers, such as soccer cleat straps trackers, a tracker in the sleeve of a shirt, or a wrist tracker, but the vests are the most common, especially at the professional level.

The more complicated answer to this question is that GPS vests, maybe not the tracking GPS device itself but electronic parts of the vest, emit harmful radiation in the form of Non-Native EMF. Also, for the GPS to work it has to interact with other NNEMF signals. More on this in the next section.

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Are GPS vests or other tracking devices helpful?

Now comes the real question. Is a GPS sports bra helpful and are they worth your money? Most people, especially sports scientists, would argue that GPS vests are very helpful because of all the data they collect. However, does that data even mean anything?

If you are already at the professional level then sure, tracking your data may be helpful, but if you are a player trying to reach that level then it is not really worth it to track your data because none of that matters. The only way you will get better at the game and the only way you will get noticed by a coach or a team is by being talented enough and standing out, not by knowing and tracking all of your stats, which none of the best players in the world did when they were younger.

Focus more on things that actually matter like your first touch, how you pass the soccer ball, how well you understand the game and your positions, instead of this type of data. Also it is important to be aware of the potential dangers of harmful man-made technology, like GPS trackers, because the frequencies emitted from these devices can interact with your mitochondria and affect athletic performance, recovery, and sleep.

I would advise even professional athletes to limit or avoid how much they use these devices, but then again it is interesting to look at your stats from time to time so occasionally using one of these may be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do professional athletes wear sports bras?

Many professional athletes wear GPS sports bras under their jerseys to help the sports scientist collect data which they then discuss with their team managers.

Why do many footballers wear sports bras during World Cup and Premier League games?

During the World Cup 2022 in Qatar many teams such as South Korea were seen with sports bras, or GPS vests to help track their data and metrics of their games.


In conclusion, many soccer players wear GPS sports bras to help track their data and metrics. Although these devices have benefits there are also a lot of drawbacks and it is best to only use them from time to time. So if you have the money these devices can be a good investment, but they are not a super necessary piece of equipment.

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