Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats to Buy in 2024

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What are the best insoles for soccer cleats? Insoles are a very important part of your soccer cleats and having comfortable and high quality insoles can make a huge difference on your performance, comfort, and injury prevention.

Although they are not a necessary piece of equipment to invest your money in, because your cleats already come with insoles, many soccer players see huge benefits in replacing their current insoles for a more high quality pair from trusted brands.

In this blog we will be going over some of the misconceptions and benefits of insoles as well as go over the best soccer cleat insoles on the market.

Misconceptions about Soccer Cleat Insoles

When talking about soccer cleat insoles, there are many misconceptions that soccer players have to be aware of. First, insoles are an extra piece of equipment and they are not a magic tool that will prevent all common sports injuries as a lot of brands market them to. Insoles, especially insoles that are targeted towards plantar fasciitis and arch support, do not fix the root cause of the issues and they only mask the symptoms.

These insoles may provide temporary pain relief, give you the feeling that they are fixing your injuries, and can make your feet feel more comfortable, but they will not help prevent future injuries since they are not treating the root cause, they are only suppressing the symptoms.

To truly fix your injuries you have to fix every single part of your life that impacts how well you recover and you have to train in a way that optimizes your fascia system and helps regain full foot function and strength, not just use an external tool to do the job that your feet and body are supposed to know how to do naturally.

Benefits of Wearing Soccer Insoles

With all that being said there are some benefits to using insoles for your soccer cleats.

Foot support

If you have a pair of old soccer cleats that are still in decent condition, but have worn down insoles, then that is a perfect time to get new insoles, instead of a completely new pair of cleats. Over time the more used up insoles get, the less support and shock absorption they will provide so if you have insoles with holes it is best to get new ones.


Similar to the last benefit, high quality insoles can provide more comfort than the standard basic insoles that come with soccer cleats. If the insoles you currently have are low quality and don’t feel comfortable, even after weeks of breaking in your soccer cleats, then consider new ones.

May help avoid injury

This may sound counterintuitive to the previous section, but insoles may be able to help you with injuries, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and other foot related problems, but only for a temporary time.

As mentioned before you can fix your injuries by taking care of every aspect of your life and training correctly, but if you truly feel that insoles will help you, which they may for a bit, then go ahead and try a pair, but do not rely on them for injury prevention.

Best Insoles for Soccer Players

Now it is time to talk about the best pair of insoles for soccer players. We have separated this list in various categories to provide you with different options.

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

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Best Premium Insoles for Soccer: VKTRY Premium Insoles

On the other hand of the spectrum, if you are a soccer player looking for the highest quality premium insoles, the VKTRY are the ones for you. Made from the highest quality carbon fiber materials, these insoles offer premium support, stability, and shock absorption that is scientifically proven to help you run faster, jump higher and protect you from injury.

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

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Best Overall Insoles for Soccer: Curex Soccer Insoles

The best overall soccer cleat insoles are the Curex Soccer Insoles. Engineered with advanced SUPER-GRIP TECHNOLOGY, these insoles ensure exceptional control and stability within your cleats, enhancing your confidence with every move.

Curex insoles come in three different designs, low arch, medium arch, and high arch design to accommodate the foot shape of different types of players. With their snug fit and odor-reducing properties, Curex Soccer Insoles deliver the perfect blend of performance and comfort for soccer enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

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Best Budget friendly Insoles for Soccer: Sport Shock Absorption Insoles

If you are a soccer player looking for a more budget friendly option, The Sport Shock Absorption Insoles are a great choice. With strategically placed non-slip gel pads and a deep heel cup, these cleats provide exceptional shock absorption, a secure and comfortable fit, as well as minimizing the impact on your joints.

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Best Carbon Fiber Insoles for Soccer: Superfeet Run Support

For soccer players looking for a high quality carbon fiber insole, without breaking the bank, the Superfeet Run Support insoles stand out in this category. These insoles are designed to be trimmed to the exact shape of your foot to provide the best fit and feel.

Other features of these insoles include moisture wicking materials, to help keep your feet dry, a sculpted heel to maximize natural shock absorption, and arch supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insoles are best for soccer cleats?

Sometimes soccer cleats may come with low quality insoles or the cleat itself is still in good shape, but the insoles are broken so it is time to replace them. Check out this blog to find the best insoles on the market.

Do soccer players wear insoles?

Yes, sometimes even professional soccer players like to wear high quality insoles to provide more support and give them more confidence than the regular insoles their football cleats come with.

What to do about tight fitting soccer shoes?

The best thing you can do for tight fitting soccer shoes is to break them in as much as possible and buy thin insoles to create more room for your foot. You can also stretch your soccer cleats so that they fit better.

What equipment can help prevent injuries?

Important soccer equipment that can help decrease the risk of soccer injuries includes the right type of soccer cleats, shin guards, and grip socks, or other high quality socks. This equipment is especially important for youth players.


In conclusion, selecting the right insoles for your soccer cleats can have an impact on your performance and injury rates. As a soccer player it is important to have the proper equipment that is in good shape and the only times you really need to invest in new insoles is if your old ones are worn out, if you are experiencing foot problems, or if you find your cleats are not fitting as well as they should.

In this blog I discussed the misconceptions about insoles, the benefits that they can offer, as well as provided you with many of the best soccer insoles on the market to choose from at this moment.

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