How Should Soccer Shin Guards Fit? A Detailed Explanation

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Written by Daniel Pena, Bachelors in Kinesiology and footballer: Learn More

How should soccer shin guards fit? Shin guards, arguably the most essential piece of soccer equipment for safety, will help protect your shins from any kicks and potential injuries.

In this blog I will explain how shin guards should fit and provide you with tips on how to wear shin guards for maximum protection and comfort.

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How Should Soccer Shin Guards Fit?

Shin guards are a mandatory piece of soccer equipment if you wish to play in a competitive environment and they are optional if you’re playing unofficial games such as pick up games for fun. Shin guards are worn below your soccer socks or grip socks, not above, to help them stay secure.

Shin guards should also be worn on both legs and you should have about 4 fingers of space below the knee, and about 2 fingers of space above the ankle while wearing shin guards. If you feel like you are wearing your shin guards correctly, but they keep sliding around, then you need a pair of shin guards sleeves or straps to help hold everything together even more.


Shin guards should cover the entire shinbone, extending from just below the knee to above the ankle, for maximum protection against a kick to the shin.

Secure Straps:

Depending on the style of shin guards you play with, such as ankle guards, you may have to tighten additional straps, which will only help keep your shin guards more secure.

Comfortable Material:

Also, make sure to wear shin guards made out of high quality, comfortable, and lightweight materials since you will be wearing them for the entire duration of the game or training session.

Proper Sizing:

The most important aspect of shin guards is to wear shin guards that you enjoy wearing, but that provide enough protection. Some players like smaller shin guards, so it feels like they are not wearing anything, while others like bigger shin guards for more protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should youth soccer shin guards fit?

For kids wearing shin guards they should fit right in the middle of the shin to protect the player from potential kicks to the shinbone. Youth shin guards are one of the most important pieces of equipment for young soccer players.

What are the different types of shin guards?

The various types of shin guards include

  • Slip in shin guards- most shin guards are this type
  • Ankle shin guards- provide ankle protection
  • Shin Guard sleeves- a shin guard and a sleeve combined
  • Shin socks – long soccer socks with a built in shin guard

Are soccer socks supposed to go over shin guards?

Soccer socks are supposed to go over the shin guards. This is a general rule because it is not right for the shin guards to go over the socks.


In conclusion, in the beautiful game of soccer, a well-fitted pair of shin guards is a player’s armor against unexpected challenges, which is why knowing how shin guards should fit is crucial for any player. Choose the right size shin guards, secure them properly, and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable playing experience.

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