The Best Soccer Turf Shoes to Buy in 2024

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What are the best soccer turf shoes? When it comes to dominating the soccer field, your choice of type of soccer cleat can make all the difference.

As a soccer player, your cleats are one of the most important pieces of equipment that has to fit comfortably and provide the right traction for optimal performance and injury prevention. If you are a player that spends a lot of time playing on an artificial turf field then investing your money in a pair of turf shoes can be a wise investment.

One important thing to remember when replacing your old cleats is if your new cleats feel tight at first that is normal because they have to go through the break in period first. This blog will provide you with tips for choosing your next pair of turf shoes as well as provide recommendations for the best turf shoes based on different categories.

Tips to Choose Turf Shoes

The first thing we have to discuss when talking about choosing the right shoes for artificial turf surfaces are important tips to choose the right cleats for you.

  • Try on the turf shoes with soccer socks or grip socks that you would wear in a real game or training
  • Check to see if the turf shoes’ shape matches your foot’s shape and consider wider cleats if you have wide feet
  • Check the measurements of the turf shoes and compare to your foot measurements
  • Avoid turf shoes with an overly tight fit
  • Read reviews of people who have tried the best turf shoes you are interested in.

Top Picks for Best Turf Soccer Shoes

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Overall Turf soccer shoes: Adidas Copa Pure.1 TF

The Adidas Copa Pure.1 Turf Shoes stand out as the best overall turf shoes. Created with Adidas FUSIONSKIN blended with leather upper these shoes will provide you with a precise touch and a very personal feel for the ball.

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Nike Turf Soccer Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly TF

If you are a Nike enthusiast, the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly stands out as the best turf shoes created by Nike. These shoes are made from Nike’s high quality breathable knit materials that come with a “speed cage” designed to provide lightweight and flexible, yet comfortable feel for the ball when dribbling at speed.

These shoes also come with a modern central lacing system that can accommodate wider feet and all types of foot shapes making it suitable for all types of players.

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Adidas Turf Soccer Shoes: Adidas Predator Accuracy.1 TF

Adidas always makes some of the highest quality shoes with the Adidas Predator line and turf shoes are no exception. Designed with a soft and lightweight HybridTouch upper made from synthetic materials along with a grippy rubber texture, these shoes will give you the confidence to shoot and pass the ball anywhere like the legends that wore these famous shoes, such as Zinedine Zidane.

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Puma Turf Soccer Shoes: Puma Future Match Energy

From PUMA, the Puma Future Match Energy stands out as the best soccer turf shoes. With an upper made from FUZIONFIT 360, which emphasizes the use of midfoot tape, and with a design for elite playmakers like Neymar Jr, these shoes provide the perfect traction and mobility required for soccer without any restrictions. Similar to the Predators, the Puma Future Match also have extra texturing on the forefoot to allow for better ball control when passing and dribbling at speed.

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Leather Turf Soccer Shoes: Nike Tiempo Legend X TF

For players who prefer a classic fit and feel, choosing a pair of leather cleats may be the best option. We already mentioned one pair of leather shoes on this list, the Adidas Copa Pure, but Nike Tiempo Legends cannot be forgotten.

The Nike Tiempo Legend line has been making some of the best premium kangaroo leather cleats for nearly two decades, however, just recently Nike switched from natural leather to a synthetic leather upper, which is supposed to be softer than the real leather. This means if you want a pair of classic Tiempos with real leather you will have to look for the older models.

best soccer turf shoes

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Best Youth Turf Soccer Shoes: Adidas Kids Predator Precision.3

Specifically designed for young players, Adidas Kids Predator Precision.3 ensures a secure fit and extra support along with small rubber studs, providing ultimate traction for youth players. The Adidas predators are not only some of the highest quality cleats for adults, but for youth players as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best turf soccer shoes or turf soccer cleats?

Some of the best turf soccer shoes on the market today include the Adidas Copa Pure.1 TF, Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly TF, Adidas Predator Accuracy.1 TF, Puma Future Match Energy, and the Nike Tiempo Legend X TF.

Does turf ruin firm ground soccer cleats?

Yes, artificial turf surfaces can damage the studs of firm ground soccer cleats because FG cleats are designed to penetrate the ground for traction, and they cannot penetrate through artificial turf.

What is the difference between a turf field and artificial grass?

The main difference between turf and artificial grass is that “artificial grass” distinctly refers to the synthetic fibers emulating natural grass, whereas “turf” is a broader spectrum, which can refer to both natural and synthetic surfaces.

Can you use turf soccer shoes when playing indoor soccer?

Yes, technically you can use some turf soccer shoes when playing indoor soccer or futsal, but you’d have to double check just to be sure. Turf shoes, designed for optimal traction and performance on turf surfaces, often feature a rubber sole, a roomy toe box for comfort, and a synthetic upper for durability, which can provide secure traction on both turf and indoor playing surfaces. ,


In conclusion, wearing the right type of cleats, with the right studs for the surface you plan to play on, is crucial for optimal performance and staying injury-free. In this blog we gave you tips for choosing your next pair of shoes and we also went over the best turf soccer shoes, made from high quality materials, that you can choose from based on different categories.

So for soccer players looking for a pair of new shoes with a lightweight construction, amazing shock absorption, excellent grip, and great traction on artificial turf surfaces, make sure to invest in any of the best turf soccer cleats or shoes from this list.

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