How Much are Soccer Cleats?

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How much do soccer cleats cost? In the beautiful game, soccer cleats are one of the most important pieces of soccer equipment and there is a wide selection of cleats to choose from. From firm ground cleats to indoor soccer shoes and artificial turf shoes there is an ideal pair of soccer cleats for any situation.

One of the most important questions soccer players have to ask themselves when choosing new soccer cleats is how much do soccer cleats cost? Which is what we will be covering in this blog.

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What is the average price of soccer cleats?

Soccer cleats are designed in many different models, tiers, and styles which will determine how much they cost. For example, most pairs of soccer cleats by major brands such as Adidas, NIke, and Puma, have a top tier model, which will cost the most, and two or three take down models, which will cost less.

Usually top tier soccer cleats, specifically the new colorways will cost anywhere between $150 to over $300. The lower tiers will cost anywhere from about $140 dollars or less. Of course these numbers will vary from brand to brand but this is generally the case for most brands.

According to Runpeat, “The average MSRP price of soccer cleats is $148.86 while the average available lowest price is $100.70.”

Are expensive soccer cleats worth it?

Now that you know the average price of soccer cleats let’s answer another important question before you replace your old pair of soccer cleats. Are expensive soccer cleats worth it? Expensive soccer cleats will usually always be made out of higher quality materials, which are also lighter and have some sort of extra technology added.

Will these lighter materials and extra technology make a huge difference? Not really. Although top tier cleats are supposed to be the highest standard of soccer cleats, and although they may feel slightly different from their takedown models, the most expensive soccer cleats are not always the best.

if you have the money to spend then sure go ahead and buy a pair of the most expensive soccer cleats if you want, however if you are on a budget or do not want to spend so much money on cleats, then it would be best to wait a couple of months for the price of the cleats you want to go down.

Soccer cleats come out in different colorways almost every couple of months and as new colorways come out, the older colorways become less expensive. This means that if you don’t really care about the colorway, you can wait until a new colorway comes out and purchase the older colorway.

This is an effective way to get high end soccer cleats for a cheaper price. It is also important to remember that the best pair of soccer cleats are going to be those that fit you best, don’t give your feet any problems, and provide the best feel for the ball.

Also do not forget that it is not the cleats that give a player their skills, which is why you should not be worried about having the newest pair of soccer cleats to become the best player. Your cleats are very important and they can affect your performance, however the price of your soccer cleats does not matter and it is what you do with them on your feet that really matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best options for elite firm ground shoes, artificial turf shoes, and indoor soccer shoes?

The best type of soccer cleat that you can get for any surface is a leather upper soccer cleat because the natural material will mold to the shape of your foot and give you a personalized and custom fit.

What are the best soccer cleats designed for control, speed, and power?

Soccer cleats are designed to be able to perform any skill on the field, however, some cleats are marketed more towards one aspect for the game. For example, the Nike Tiempo Legend is designed more for control, and for midfielders, while the Nike Mercurials are designed more for speed, and for players who have to run a lot more such as wingers and fullbacks.


Soccer cleats are one of the most important pieces of soccer equipment and you have to make sure that you wear cleats that fit comfortably and provide the right traction. The price of soccer cleats can vary depending on brand and tier, with high-end models ranging from $150 to over $300, while low end models go for less than $140.

The decision to invest in more expensive equipment is up to you, and if you have the money and if you really love this sport then you would not mind spending a few extra dollars on the beautiful game.

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