The Ultimate Soccer Bag Checklist For Every Player

What should you pack inside of your soccer bag? No matter what level you are in your soccer journey, beginner, youth, or professional, you may be wondering what essential soccer gear and equipment you should make sure to pack inside of your soccer bag.

Soccer is the beautiful game because it is a simple sport that does not require a lot of equipment, however, if you are part of a team or plan to play soccer competitively, then there are some key items that you will not want to forget to put inside of your bag.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you a complete soccer bag checklist of items actually worth investing your money in.

Soccer Bag Checklist

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Benefits of having a soccer bag

Before we dive into the essentials, let’s talk about why having a clean soccer bag is crucial. A clean and well-organized bag not only keeps your gear in one place, but makes it easier to transport your equipment from one session to the next.

From quick hydration to addressing unexpected injuries, your soccer bag is your go-to ally on the field.

Soccer Bag Checklist

Soccer Bag Checklist Essentials

What you choose to put inside your bag depends on you, but this list will provide you with essential items that you do not want to forget about. If you don’t have a soccer-specific bag, which I would recommend investing in, you can also use any other gym bag or duffle bag to put your items inside of.

Soccer Ball

The soccer ball is arguably the most important piece of equipment on this list. This is the one piece of equipment that you will always need to enjoy the game. Whether you are going to soccer practice, a pick up game, or to futsal, it is important that you carry the right soccer ball with you.

Having the right soccer ball means having the correct sized soccer ball as well as a ball made from the right materials based on what surface you are playing on, grass or an indoor court.

Soccer Cleats

The second most important thing on this list is having a reliable pair of soccer cleats. A pair of well-maintained soccer cleats is the cornerstone of every player’s gear.

As mentioned before, soccer is a simple sport and the truth is you don’t even need cleats to start playing the game for fun because you can play barefoot, but if you plan on playing soccer competitively then of course you will need a pair of comfortable soccer cleats.

I highly recommend using a pair of wide soccer cleats, ideally made out of leather, since these types of cleats will mold better to the unique shape of your foot and provide maximum comfort. Having cleats that fit well is crucial for injury prevention, and confidence, however it is important for players to know that most cleats will need a break-in period of about a week or two before they fit comfortably.

Along with soccer cleats, having an extra pair of soccer insoles can also be a wise investment.

Soccer Ball Pump

Almost as important as the first two items on this list is a soccer ball pump. There is nothing worse than getting to a field ready to train only to find out that your training balls have no air and you do not have a pump.

Avoid this problem by always carrying a reliable ball pump to inflate and deflate soccer balls with ease. There are ways to pump a soccer ball without an air pump, but those should only be used if absolutely needed as they may damage the soccer ball.

Shin Guards

To defend yourself against unexpected tackles and collisions make sure to pack a pair of reliable shin guards. These essential pieces of protective gear have to be worn during competitive games and they protect your shins from potential kicks. I recommend using slip-in shin guards as they are the easiest to put on and secure, as well as the easiest to wash.

Shin Guards Sleeves

Shin guard sleeves are a reliable piece of equipment to have that will help keep your shin guards in place. Instead of using athletic tape or pre wrap every time you want to secure your shin guards you can use shin guard sleeves various times.

Soccer Gear for Training

The next most important things to pack inside of your soccer bag includes soccer gear such as the proper soccer socks, soccer shorts, and training jerseys. Also, it is best to have an extra pair of soccer training gear, to use while training, so that you can change back to your normal clothes afterwards and not have to wear your sweaty gear.

Also consider what type of socks you like to use best, grip socks or regular socks, and invest in a reliable pair. If you are a goalkeeper make sure that you pack your goalie gear and consider investing in some extra goalie gear just in case.

If you have long hair or potential head injuries it will also be smart to pack a reliable soccer headband or hair ties.

Soccer Gear for Cold Weather

When it comes to soccer gear, also consider the weather conditions you play in. As the seasons change, be ready for colder practice and game days by packing soccer gear for cold weather such as long-sleeve training jerseys, pants, soccer beanies, gloves, scarves and anything else that will help you stay warm.

Plastic Bags for Dirty Clothes

After giving your all on the field, keep the rest of your gear clean by isolating dirty clothes and wet uniforms inside separate plastic bags. This simple addition ensures your soccer bag stays organized and odor-free. You can also put any wet uniforms inside of this bag to help keep the rest of your items dry.

Small First Aid Kit

In the fast-paced world of soccer, injuries can happen anytime. Be prepared with a small first aid and include essential items such as an instant cold pack, disinfectant wipes, a few large bandages, and some sort of natural pain reliever spray or lotion. Having an emergency ankle brace can also be beneficial.

Soccer Sandals

After an intense match or training session, give your feet some relief with comfortable soccer sandals. Designed to provide breathability and comfort, sandals are perfect for the moments after you’ve left it all on the field and it is time to take off your soccer cleats.

Healthy Snacks

Nutrition is key to optimal performance, which is why you want to pack healthy snacks inside of your bag, such as raw dairy, raw honey, and fruits. However, do not forget about high protein snacks such as hard boiled eggs and beef jerky which are perfect after a game or training session.

Also, avoid junk processed food as much as possible, which can ruin your recovery, sleep, focus, and overall performance.

Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a must-have in your soccer bag to help you stay hydrated. Aim to use a water bottle that is made out of glass or stainless steel and avoid plastic water bottles.

Also, avoid any mainstream sports drink, such as Gatorade and Powerade which are basically soda with some added electrolytes to make them seem healthy. If you want a healthier alternative to sports drinks either make your own sports drink or use a reliable electrolyte supplement.

Soccer Book

Having a soccer book inside of your bag is a great way to stay entertained and learn more about the game during your road trips to away matches, tournaments, or team training. Make sure to pick a book you are actually interested in, such as a biography of your favorite coach or professional player.

Soccer Camera

Having a reliable soccer camera is a great way to record your games, analyze them, and learn from them. This is also a great way to create highlight videos which you can then send to potential scouts and teams. If you don’t have a soccer camera you can also use your phone, which is the next item on this list.


Your phone is a very valuable resource that has a lot of features, such as a GPS tracker, a timer, a calculator, and of course being able to communicate with others. Although a phone is very important, it can also be very distracting, so make sure you don’t spend unnecessary time on your phone especially when you are at a training session and you are supposed to be working hard, not mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

With your phone you can also download books, audiobooks, soccer podcasts, documentaries, interviews, movies, TV shows, or anime, to help you stay entertained while learning more about the game anytime and anywhere.

EMF Protection

The last thing to make sure to pack inside of your soccer bag is Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs), or radiation, protection. I like to use this Safesleeve Iphone case , and this pair of EMF free headphones, as well as blue light blocking glasses after sunset.

Using these tools will help you recover faster since you will not be affected by NNEMF from electronic devices which affects mitochondrial function, the most important aspect of health and recovery.

Soccer Bag Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer training program?

The best online soccer training program and soccer app is Football Entangled. There is no other program like Football Entangled on the market and this community, much more than just an app, will help you get closer to making your dreams a reality.

What should I pack inside my child’s soccer bag?

If you are a soccer mom, it is very important to know what to pack inside of your child’s soccer bag. Check out the full list above to know exactly what equipment you need to make sure your child has to be ready for soccer.

Is soccer an easy sport to play?

Soccer is a simple sport to play, but that does not mean it is easy. Even at the highest level the professional players are doing the same things the youth players do, but just at a higher level, consistency, and speed. The best way to get better at the sport of soccer is to improve the basic fundamentals of the game such as mastering the basic soccer skills.

How can I learn more about the game?

To learn more about soccer the most important thing is to join a team and play the game as much as possible. If possible, analyze high level games as much as you can and your own games as well by recording them with a soccer camera. Also read soccer books, listen to podcasts and interviews watch soccer documentaries, as well as some movies, tv shows, and anime.


In conclusion, a well-prepared soccer bag is the key to being game-ready for any situation. Beyond the basic essentials such as a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, and training gear, this list provided you with other times you may not have thought about before.

Soccer does not require a lot of expensive equipment, however having the right equipment is necessary, which is why in this post we have broken down the most essential items to pack inside of your soccer bag.

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